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Best YouTube Channels for Food Delivery

Thanks to the pandemic, food delivery services have skyrocketed in popularity. As a result, many people have started working as food delivery drivers to make some extra cash on the side. If this is something you’re considering for yourself, be sure you are well informed on the different services, how to make the most money, and more.

The best way to gain some insight is by watching some of the many YouTube channels out there dedicated to discussing all things food delivery. There, you can get helpful tips from experienced drivers who know all there is to know about working as a food delivery driver. If you’re unsure of where to start, keep reading to find out the best YouTube Uber Eats food delivery channel out there.

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Rideshare Genius

This channel is run by Ezra, an Uber Eats driver who has been driving via rideshare apps since 2013. Since then, Ryan has moved on to drive with other apps at the same time as a way to increase his earnings.

With over 13,000 followers, Ryan’s channel is quite popular thanks to his advice on driving and the best way to make as much money as possible. 

This is a good channel to watch if you’re looking for advice on how to get started in several apps including Lyft, Uber, Doordash, as well as Uber Eats.


This YouTuber has over 40,000 subscribers and has uploaded several videos about her experience as a DoorDash driver. In one video, she explains to her viewers how she makes $700 a week just by working as a delivery driver.

In other videos, she spends time answering questions from viewers about her job. She talks about factoring in gas costs, safety tips, where to go to make the most money, and more.


This channel is a bit more unique than the rest because it’s run by Brett, who delivers food on a bike as opposed to in a car. He is based in Toronto, Canada and works with Uber Eats and Foodora.

If you’re someone who is looking to get into food delivery but doesn’t have a car, check out this YouTube channel. Here, you’ll be able to get some good tips on delivering using only a bicycle.

Funsize Shopper

Run by Monica, a mom of two, this YouTube channel is all about her experiences working with Shipt and InstaCart, both of which are grocery delivery platforms.

Her channel sees her driving around making deliveries while also discussing tips and tricks to make more money while working with these apps as well as ways to motivate yourself to get to work.

Your Driver Mike

Mike is a YouTuber who is passionate about helping others maximize their success in the gig economy and build multiple revenue streams.

He boasts over 56,000 subscribers and gives people tips on driving for Uber Eats, Shipt, DoorDash, GrubHub, and more. Some of his most popular videos include “How to Make $100 a Day As A Food Delivery Driver”, “Is Driving for GrubHub Worth It”, and “Is Driving Food Delivery Still Worth It”.

Mike’s channel was one of the first videos I started watching because of the video’s professional look, and the solid tips I got from them even before I started doing food deliveries myself. 


UDM is a YouTube channel run by a guy who works as a full-time gig app driver. He has nearly 10,000 followers and his videos focus primarily on Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, Dispatch, Amazon Flex, Instacart, and Shipt, among others.

In his most recent video, UDM talks about the constant pay changes on the apps, dealing with jealous restaurant employees, angry customers, and much more. It’s a great way to learn the ins and outs of being a delivery driver, especially for those who are just starting out.

Gig Nation

This is perhaps one of the most popular food delivery YouTube channels out there. The videos discuss things such as delivery app jobs that pay you to deliver food, packages, snacks, personal care items, furniture and more.

He discusses things such as app updates and glitches, differences driving in different states, and much more. According to this YouTuber, these high-paying delivery app jobs are great side hustles to earn more part-time income.

The RussRyde

Russ’s YouTube channel is focused on helping new drivers get acquainted with the job and make the most money they can while delivering. He is based in Los Angeles, California and claims to have made nearly 2000 deliveries.

Russ says that his channel is there to share tips on how to excel at customer service in this particular industry as well as to provide his observations on how to improve your earnings.

Claudia Fuenmayor

This YouTuber works primarily with Instacart and, in one video, claims to have made $4000 in one month doing grocery deliveries. In this video, she provides viewers with tips and tricks to be able to do the same for themselves. She believes that it’s a great way to make money during the pandemic or as a side hustle.

Eli Esch

As a DoorDash driver, Eli shares his most effective strategies to maximize your daily DoorDash earnings. He also discusses what he calls the harsh realities of being a DoorDash driver especially during the summer, which happens to be the slowest season throughout the year.


Being a delivery driver is certainly a great way to make some extra money on top of your regular job or if you want to be fully committed, can make a great full-time job as well. After all, it’s certainly a job that is always in demand.

However, it is not a job suitable for everyone and it takes some research before you can truly be successful. Luckily, these YouTubers have found success and made it a point to share their success with others by sharing their tips and tricks to making money working as a delivery driver.

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If you are looking for a way to get your foot in the door as a delivery driver, be sure to check out these YouTube channels for some helpful advice. Before you know it, you’ll be a professional in no time and may even be inspired to start your own YouTube channel!

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