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Scooter vs. Bike: Which Is Better for Food Delivery?

Electric scooters and bikes are convenient alternatives to delivering food in a car. You also save money on gas and vehicle upkeep. So should you choose a bike or a scooter for food delivery? Use the following guide to compare the features, pros, and cons of e-bikes and electric scooters.

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Filing Tax Returns for Food Delivery Drivers

Here is what you should know about filing tax returns as a food delivery driver. In most cases, food delivery drivers are considered self-employed independent contractors instead of employees. Uber Eats, GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates, and other food delivery apps hire independent contractors.

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How to Sign up as a GrabFood Walker

GrabFood is one of the leading delivery platforms from the Philippines to Singapore. It is a great opportunity to earn some money while helping your hungry neighbours get food without needing to leave their houses. . Here is everything that you need to know about being a GrabFood delivery walker.

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Can You Do Food Delivery on Foot in New York City?

One of the best side hustles or gig jobs in New York City is food delivery. The city is full of restaurants and hungry New Yorkers who can’t or don’t want to leave their homes for food. If you deliver during peak hours, you can make plenty of money particularly if you rake in the tips.

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Doing Foodpanda on Foot

Although many Foodpanda delivery workers use bicycles, scooters, or other vehicles, it is possible to deliver Foodpanda on foot. The company actively encourages it.

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Can You Do DoorDash on Foot?

If you don’t have the money for your own vehicle or prefer not to add that wear and tear to the family car, you can become a DoorDash walker to earn some extra money.

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