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The 7 Best Electric Scooters for Food Delivery Drivers

Scooters have been a mainstay in metropolitan delivery services for a long time. Sure, the bicycle had its day in the sun but believe it or not, the scooter—electric or motorized—has been around since the 1918 Motoped, which definitely wouldn’t have made the “best electric scooters for food delivery” category. 

Today, they’re more important than ever, especially if your livelihood depends on the ability to deliver food without delays. 

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For those of you that are in a raging hurry to hop back on your scooter and get out for a delivery, we’ve included a “quick list” so you don’t have to read the entire article (even though we know you want to). 

Best electric scooters for food delivery drivers

In a rush? Here are our top picks for electric delivery scooters. We’ve also listed some runner-ups in the in-depth sections below.

Here are my top picks for best e-scooters for delivery drivers in 2024.

  • 1. Segway Ninebot Max

    Segway Ninebot Max

    Our Review

    Looking at the Segway Ninebot Max, it’s hard to consider that this would be at the very top of the list of best scooters. Its smooth, flat black exterior, trimmed in dark yellow, doesn’t scream speed, power, and invincibility.

    However, there’s a lot more to this scooter than meets the eye. It sports a 40.1-mile range on a 350w motor and can travel at 18.6mph. It’s also collapsible for portability and comes equipped with front and rear anti-lock brakes.


    • Outstanding range 40.1 miles
    • Ninebot app
    • Ready for wireless connectivity
    • Anti-lock brakes
    • 350w brushless motor


    • 6-hour recharge time
    • Can’t handle more than a 20° incline
    • Steep price point

    As far as technology is concerned, it’s fully loaded with LED displays, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, and its own Android and iOS app, through which you can keep up with firmware updates, navigate, and track your scooter’s status.

    If you like to sit on your commute or delivery, the Segway Ninebot Max is compatible with a seat connection—sold separately—that’s designed to collapse with the rest of the scooter.

    It takes approximately 6 hours to recharge and can hold up to 220lbs. Segway isn’t going for the “eye candy” approach here but a solid, long-range electric scooter that’s loaded with all of the features you could want.

    Check the price on Amazon
  • 2. Hiboy Titan Pro

    Hiboy Titan Pro

    Our Review

    The Hiboy Titan Pro just missed the mark on the Segway Ninebot Max. In many ways, it exceeds the Segway with dual, 1200w brushless motors, a top speed of 32mph, the ability to tackle 35° inclines, and a 40-mile range.

    So why isn’t the Segway the runner-up and the Hiboy on top? Four reasons: Price, no accompanying app, no wireless connectivity, and no anti-lock braking system. The tires are rated as anti-skid, but that’s not entirely the same, especially when trying to come to a full stop at 35mph.

    Outside of that, the Hiboy Titan Pro is one heck of a ride. It has an attractive, full-LED display, anti-skid platform, 10-inch, off-road tires, dual-disc brakes, and can handle up to 286lbs with ease.

    It also has a neat little smart display with key ignition that keeps you informed as to battery life, speed, gear, and total miles left until you need to charge it. Its rear dual-shock absorbers combine with the off-road tires for a smoother ride no matter where you go.

    The majority deep black exterior with red trim and white lettering makes it stand out as an aggressive scooter aesthetic that’s hard to miss. As with the Segway Max, you also have the option to purchase a separately available seat if you want to get off of your feet for a while.


    • 1200w dual-brushless motors
    • Dual-shock absorbers with off-road tires
    • 32mph top speed
    • 40-mile range
    • Smart display with key ignition


    • No wireless features
    • No app
    • No anti-lock brake system

    It’s hard to argue with either choice, as both scooters have excellent features and are designed with the long haul in mind. The Hiboy is a much faster scooter but lacks the anti-lock braking system that’s crucial at that speed, especially during the winter months.

    Check the price on Amazon
  • 3. Hiboy S2R

    Hiboy S2R

    Our Review

    The Hiboy S2R is a step down from the Titan Pro; however, that doesn’t mean it’s a step down in overall quality for the price. At around $400, the Hiboy SR2 comes with a 350w brushless hub motor that propels it up to 19mph for a 17-mile range.

    It can carry 220lbs while retaining its maximum functionality, along with a regenerative battery that uses the wheel spin to reduce how quickly its charge dissipates, keeping you on the road longer.

    What separates the Hiboy S2R from much of its competition is the quick, interchangeable battery. With two fully charged batteries, you can double your distance to 34 miles. When you’ve reduced the first to 0%, simply pop it out and connect the new one for a fresh start.

    The Hiboy S2R is equipped with disc brakes and a unique eABS regenerative anti-lock braking system for quick brake reaction without locking up the wheels. It also has a companion app for Android and iOS, something you don’t often see in budget-electric scooters.

    You can even lock the Hiboy S2R Electric Scooter with the app, along with the ability to customize your acceleration and braking response times. With foldable handlebars and shaft, the Hiboy S2R essentially becomes an easy-to-carry suitcase in a few seconds.


    • Interchangeable batteries
    • 350w brushless hub motor
    • eABS regenerative anti-lock braking
    • App integration with the customization and wireless locking
    • Foldable for portability


    • 15° incline is still kind of weak
    Check the price on Amazon
  • 4. GoTrax XR Elite

    GoTrax XR Elite scooter

    Our Review

    The 300w motor barely falls below the Segway Ninebot’s 350w and will carry you nearly 19 miles at 15.5mph. Now, you’re not going to get across town in a second at those speeds, but 15.5mph is well above a full-on sprint.

    The XR Elite has a brightly lit, easily viewable LED display that keeps track of your current speed and battery life. Newly upgraded head and tail lights will give you plenty of visibility during nighttime rides and in inclement weather.

    The tires are air-filled, which is unfortunate in the age of pneumatic tires, but the GoTrax XR Elite does come equipped with a dual-disc, anti-lock braking system so you can stop on a dime without locking up the tires for a long skid.

    The “one-step” step folding system is great for quick and easy transportation and portability, and the GoTrax is strong enough to handle a 15° incline. Honestly, 15° isn’t much, but when dealing with price constraints, you’ll have to thoroughly plot out your navigation before each trip.

    The lithium battery is solid and safe, equipped with overcharge, open-current, discharge, short-circuit, and overheating protection. All in all, this is a solid and reliable sub-$500 electric scooter.


    • 19-mile range is great for a sub-$500 electric scooter
    • Decent speed at 15.5mph
    • Extra-bright head and tail lights
    • LED display
    • Anti-lock braking system


    • Struggles with more than a 15° incline
    • Could have a more robust LED display and wireless connectivity

    For electric scooters on a budget, these are outstanding picks, especially the Hiboy S2R, which comes with so much functionality for a cheaper price than GoTrax XR Elite runner-up.

    Of course, over $400.00 may not seem like much of a “budget-friendly” price. However, electric scooters are a “get what you pay for” category. This is, after all, a necessity for long-range travel to deliver food and make money. You need a dependable scooter for that, and these are the best in their price range.

    Check the price on Amazon
  • 5. Glion Dolly

    Glion Dolly e-scooter

    Our Review

    The Glion Dolly Electric Scooter has a 250w (600w peak) motor with a 36v battery for speeds up to 15mph and a range of 15 miles. Winter weather is nothing for the honeycomb, pneumatic tires, and electronic anti-lock brakes with an additional foot-activated fender brake.

    The brushless hub motor is located on the back wheel, which gives it exceptional power with rear-wheel drive. The 3.5 hours of recharging time is outstanding, considering the competition is often double or even triple that.

    The eight-inch tires are reported of a military design, with the interior of the tires resembling a honeycomb. Glion’s sport an all-aluminum frame, which makes them essentially rust and corrosion-proof, even after long periods in the rain or snow.

    The foldable handlebars drop all the way down to the rear fender, giving it an outstanding level of portability that can squeeze into tight places for travel or carrying. Glion markets its anti-lock brake system as maintenance-free, which is always a plus.

    Front tire suspension combined with pneumatic tires makes for a much smoother ride, regardless of the weather or terrain.


    • 15mph with a range of 15 miles
    • Quick recharge time of 3.5 hours
    • 8” pneumatic tires with honeycomb interior
    • Tight, foldable portability
    • Anti-lock brake system
    • Front end suspension


    • Lacking in the LED display department
    Check the price on Amazon
  • 6. UberScoot


    Our Review

    Pneumatic tires are a must in winter weather, and the Uberscoot comes with them, along with the knobby protrusions that will help it maintain a grip in icy conditions.

    With the economy mode button, you can reduce speed and acceleration to conserve battery life in addition to improving your safety conditions on icy roads. The maximum acceleration and speed are probably not the best during inclement weather, and the Uberscoot can reach 30mph.

    The Uberscoot, as its name suggests, comes with a 1600w motor and a 48v battery. It has a chain drive system with front and rear lights for clear and bright visibility during bad weather. It doesn’t have the anti-lock braking system we’d prefer, but it does have a disc brake system in the front and rear.

    The charging time and range leave a bit to be desired as well, with only a 12-mile range and 6 – 8 hours of charging time in between. It has a solid frame that’s foldable for quickly transitioning into a carry-style level of portability.

    While it does contain a battery level indicator, there is no speedometer or LED display for tracking speed and miles.


    • Economy mode for conservation
    • 30mph top speed
    • 1600w motor for power over inclines
    • Pneumatic, knobby tires for off-road and inclement weather
    • Bright rear and forward projecting lights


    • The range isn’t up to standards at 12 miles
    • Takes a while to recharge
    • No anti-lock brakes

    Winter weather is rough when you’re exposed, no matter how much you dress for the occasion, especially if you live in some of the northern states or experience a lot of windy winters. If you have to get out in it, it’s good to have a reliable and safe method of transportation.

    When you’re delivering food in the cold, you want to get there as fast as possible—not only for delivery timeliness—but also to keep hot items from getting cold. The last thing you need is to lose control of icy terrain. These are two outstanding electric scooters for winter weather and will get you home safely and quickly.

    Check the price on Amazon
  • 7. Segway Ninebot ES4

    Segway Ninebot ES4

    Our Review

    The ES4 would beat out the Max if it could do all of the things it could do on a single battery alone. However, the ES4 needs two batteries to pull it off, even though each battery individually is outstanding.

    Each battery is rated at 374Wh and is quickly interchangeable to double the longevity and distance you can travel. They combine for a total of 800w of power with the upgraded motor and can travel 28 miles at up to 19mph.

    It helps that the Segway ES4 is a lightweight electric scooter and can easily fold up into a very portable design. It has both a mechanical and an electrical anti-lock braking system with front and rear wheel shock absorbers.

    Combined with the Segway app, you can keep track of mileage, battery life, speed, cruise control, the scooter’s stats, locking and unlocking the scooter, and control firmware upgrades. It’s also an aesthetically pleasing ride, with LED bottom and sideboard lights.

    You can also control the color scheme of your LED display and lighting system with the Ninebot app. Lastly, the slip-resistant foot pad keeps you safe and comfortable along the way.


    • Dual, interchangeable batteries
    • 800w total power
    • 28-mile range at 19mph
    • Mechanical and electrical anti-lock brakes
    • Segway Ninebot app


    • Has trouble with inclines
    • Its lightweight, which is problematic in bad weather
    Check the price on Amazon

Main features to look for in an e-scooter

This is food delivery we’re talking about here, and it can be a high-demand service, especially if tips are important to you, which we’re sure they are. 

A scooter with high reviews may have gotten those high reviews because moms and dads think their kids are cute on them, not because they have the range and speed you need to make your deliveries on time. Range and speed are your friends, and they’ll fill your pocketbook quicker.

So ultimately, it’s all about the features, and they should come in order of importance.

It’s all about the range

A scooter that travels at a top speed of 40mph is nothing to you if its range is only 6 or 7 miles before it needs a recharge. You can’t serve your customers quickly if you’re constantly hunting down a power outlet, so you can wait an hour for a decent charge.

The range is by far the number one feature you should be looking at. A scooter is no good to you if it can’t even make it around a few blocks before giving you a low battery warning. This also means staying away from lightweight scooters.

Sure, lightweight is great because you don’t have to do much in the way of heavy lifting. However, a lightweight scooter equals a lightweight battery, and that won’t get you far enough between recharges. 

It’s got to have some pep

A big part of the food delivery service is getting there on time or early. You can say goodbye to those good tips if you’re five minutes late or more. It’s not as if Americans are very patient nowadays.  You want to have an electric scooter that has some get-up-and-go.

We live in the age of convenience, and that means the turkey wrap with a side of sushi and cream cheese had better get here on time. Range and speed are priorities when searching for the best electric scooter. 

Short-term costs for a long-term gain

Unfortunately, speed and range mean that you’re going to have to fork over some money. It’s the ugly side of cost versus value. It also means that you’ll make up for it in the long run. 

With a high-end electric scooter, you’ll be able to increase your deliveries, timeliness, and dependability. All of these things come down to more money in your pocket. 

You don’t want to miss out on those $20 + delivered because you miscalculated the distance you can travel and the speed you can get there, and now you are waiting on your scooter to charge while reading this article on your smartphone. 

To help you avoid these kinds of irritating situations, we’ve put together a list of the best electric scooters to get you where you’re going as fast as possible and as many times as possible between recharges. 

Best electric scooter on a budget

Talking about the Segway and the Hiboy premium electric scooters is all well and good. However, you’re looking at forking over $1,000 plus for either one after taxes, not including additional accessories. 

While some scooters can range well up into the four grand arenas, realistically speaking, most people can’t or don’t want to afford such high-priced scooters. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to access a quality scooter.

You’re not going to find a dependable scooter that will reliably carry you all over town for a hundred bucks, but there are some options out there that are worth considering. 

Both the Hiboy S2R and Segway Ninebot ES4 are both excellent scooters that cost around $500, which is only a third of the price of the premium options included here.

Best winter electric scooter

Winter can be a beast on any vehicle, much less an electric scooter, which is entirely exposed and will carry an entirely exposed passenger. When you’re looking at electric scooters with icy weather in mind, you want safety and reliability. 

The Glion Dolly wins out in this category because of its rust-proof all-aluminum frame and powerful suspension.

Best electric scooters for battery life

Battery life runs in a direct parallel with range because without long battery life; you can’t have a lot of range. Segway just happens to own this feature, and the competition is pretty fierce. 

However, Segway gets the pass here because its battery life is superior to most of its competitors, and when you combine it with the other features they offer, it’s almost a no-brainer.

For this reason, the Segway Ninebot Max wins out as the best e-scooter for drivers who want to prioritize battery life.

Which e-scooter is best for you?

We hope this collection of the best e-scooters has made your decision easier, but if you’re still stuck, here are some final pointers.

The Segway Ninebot Max is an all-around fantastic scooter for delivery people. Its long battery life and extended range will let you stay out for hours making deliveries around town without paying expensive gas prices.

While there are other great scooters listed here, it makes sense for us to recommend the Segway Ninebot ES4 as a runner-up option. To be honest, it’s not that different than the Max, despite its significantly lower price. The biggest difference is that it doesn’t handle hills nearly as well, so take that into consideration when picking the perfect scooter for your needs.

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Thanks for browsing this collection of the best electric scooters for delivery drivers!

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