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The 8 Best Food Delivery Bags for Uber Eats & Other Gigs

Unfortunately, Uber does not provide new delivery people with bags. It is up to you to find a suitable bag or purchase one directly from Uber.

Use the following guide to food delivery bags for Uber Eats to ensure that you find the right bag.

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We’ll start with some frequently asked questions about the bags used by delivery people and then recommend some good delivery bags for either walker on delivering on your bike.

Here are my top picks for best for delivery drivers in 2024.

  • 1. Himal Outdoors Insulated Delivery Bag

    Himal Outdoors Delivery Bag

    Our Review

    The Himal Outdoors Bag measures 23x15x14 inches, which is relatively big. It can hold a large food order and several drinks without any problems. You may even be able to hold multiple orders and small or medium pizza boxes.

    The outer material is made with water-repellent Oxford cloth, which is a type of cotton fabric blended with synthetic fibers. The bag also includes a leakproof thermal liner for keeping food hot or cold for several hours. However, it does not include a separate layer of insulation for extra thermal protection.

    The two carrying handles are switched to the sides of the bag, allowing you to easily open the zipper enclosure on top and add or remove food. It also folds flat for convenient storage.

    Check the price on Amazon
  • 2. NZ Home XXXL

    NZ Home XXXL Delivery Bag

    Our Review

    The NZ Home XXXL bag is a step up from the Himal Outdoors Bag, as it includes an additional set of handles and reinforced stitching. The bag can hold heavy loads without the risk of the seams gradually ripping or fraying.

    The zipper also includes a three-inch cord, allowing you to quickly open or close the lid, even when wearing gloves. As with the previous bag, the NZ Home Commercial Food Bag is collapsible. You can fold it flat to save space.

    Check the price on Amazon
  • 3. BlueVoy Insulated Food Delivery Bag

    BlueVoy Insulated Food Delivery Bag

    Our Review

    The BlueVoy Insulated Food Delivery Bag includes the same dimensions as the previous recommendations, providing plenty of space for large orders. However, it also includes thicker material and insulation.

    The bag is made with strong polyester material and includes reinforced straps for additional strength and durability. The inside of the bag includes 10 mm-thick PE foam insulation. The thick foam material provides superior insulation compared to bags that just use a thermal liner.

    The foam insulation makes the bag weigh a little more, and it does not fold flat. However, it can keep food cooler or hotter longer compared to other options.

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  • 4. Freshie Food Delivery Bag

    Freshie Insulated Bag

    Our Review

    Most bags do not include dividers, which can make transporting drinks difficult. The FRESHIE Food Delivery Bag solves this problem by adding three insulated cup holders on the side of the bag.

    The interior measures 12x14x22 inches, which is slightly smaller compared to the previous choices. However, storing drinks on the outside gives you more space for food on the inside.

    The FRESHIE bag also includes a layer of polyethylene foam for extra insulation. It is a durable bag with extra insulation and cup holders, making it a great value for Uber Eats delivery drivers.

    Check the price on Amazon
  • 5. Cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

    Cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

    Our Review

    Standard food delivery bags may not offer enough space for a large pizza box. The CHERRBOLL Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag is designed specifically for pizza boxes. It measures 20x20x14 inches, giving you more space compared to the Uber Eats pizza bag.

    You can hold about five large pizza boxes instead of three or four. The taller bag may also work for standard food orders. However, it does not come with dividers. If you plan on carrying a regular order in the bag, you may need to insert a piece of cardboard to secure the food and drinks.

    Check the price on Amazon
  • 6. Dovoda Thermal Food Delivery Backpack

    Dovoda Thermal Backpack

    Our Review

    DOVODA thermal backpack measures 14x10x16 inches. It is a small bag but should hold a standard food order. It also includes cup holders on each side, which should free up some of the interior space.

    Unlike the Uber Eats backpacks, the DOVODA backpack has an extra layer of 5 mm foam insulation. The foam insulation does a better job of keeping the food hot or cold. The bag also includes reflective strips on the outside to increase your visibility to other motorists.


    Check the price on Amazon
  • 7. ZIMFANQI Rear Rack Insulated Bike Bag

    Zimfanqi Bike Rear Rack Bag

    Our Review

    The Zimfanqi bicycle rack bag is an insulated saddlebag that secures to the back of your bicycle above the rear wheel. It can hold 10L of contents and is fully insulated, making it one of the smallest food delivery bags available. It also includes a single cup holder on the outside.

    While the bag is not large, it frees up your hands and back. It may hold a single order if the customer does not order more than one drink.

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  • 8. Pakir Double Deck Insulated Backpack

    Pakir Double Deck Insulated Backpack

    Our Review

    If the previous options are too small, try the PK-76F Large Insulated Backpack. It measures 18x15x16 inches. It is large enough to hold medium pizza boxes and big takeout orders. The bag has two thick shoulder straps for securing it to your back.

    The interior includes a thermal liner to keep the food hot or cold but does not have extra insulation. The inside also includes dividers and a four-hole cup holder. The dividers and cup holders are removable to give you more space. They are also great for keeping drinks and food from shifting as you ride.

    Check the price on Amazon

Can I Do Uber Eats Without a Bag?

You can technically deliver food without a bag. As mentioned, Uber does not have any requirements for the delivery bag. However, delivering food without a bag creates additional challenges:

  • You may drop the food
  • The food may stain your vehicle
  • Food odors may linger in your car
  • You may receive less of a tip
  • Some restaurants require you have a bag

Customers have come to expect their Uber Eats deliveries to arrive in some type of bag. Getting out of your vehicle with a loose paper bag of takeout may seem unsanitary to some customers, which may impact your tips.

A bag is also a necessary item for those who deliver by bike or on foot. Without a bag, you risk dropping the food before you can reach the customer.

No bag, no food restaurant sign

Do I Need an Insulated Bag for Uber Eats?

Uber recommends using an insulated bag but does not require it. The company states that insulated delivery bags are optional but help prevent odors and keep the food warm.

Insulated bags typically include multiple layers. The outer layer is often made with a soft, water-resistant material, such as nylon, canvas, or polyester. The insulating layer is typically made from a thermal foil material. Some bags may also include a liner between the exterior and interior for additional insulation.

The insulation keeps heat and odors from escaping and blocks the outside atmosphere. Using an insulated bag helps ensure that the food arrives fresh at its destination.

Using an insulated bag also protects your vehicle. Takeout orders are often packaged in paper bags, foam containers, or plastic containers. Grease from the food can leak and stain your seats.

What Sizes Are Best for Food Delivery Bags?

The standard Uber Eats tote bag measures 15x12x9.5 inches. It appears small, but it can hold a large takeout order. Unless you end up picking up multiple orders, you should not need a larger bag.

Some of the larger bags measure closer to 23x14x15 inches, which offers more than twice the space provided by the basic Uber Eats tote bag.

Keep in mind that a pizza box may not fit in a tote bag. A standard pizza box measures about 16x18x2 inches. It is unlikely to fit in a standard tote.

Luckily, food delivery bags come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Along with the standard tote, you can find pizza bags for transporting pizza and taller totes for carrying multiple orders.

Is the Uber Eats Bag Waterproof?

The Uber Eats bags and totes are not 100% waterproof. They are water-resistant. The bags are made with a durable nylon exterior that helps repel water.

The thermal foil interiors also shield the inside from water. However, if you leave the bag outdoors in the rain or set it in a puddle, the interior may eventually become saturated.

The outer material is heavily water-resistant, but water can penetrate it. While the insulation is waterproof, water may reach the inside of the bag through the seams.

If you are traveling by bike or on foot, an Uber Eats bag should shield the food against rain during a heavy storm. Yet, if you leave the bag on the ground in the rain, the food may eventually become soaked.

As well, if a drink inside does spill, the regular bag Uber sells does leak, so be aware of that if putting the bad down on carpet or wood.

How Long Do Delivery Bags Keep Food Hot?

Food starts to cool as soon as it leaves the oven or fryer. A hot meal may cool before you reach the customer if you do not use a bag.

A standard thermal food delivery bag can keep food hot for about an hour or so and warm for two to three hours. However, the ability to retain heat depends on the type of food and the type of insulation used in the bag.

The least expensive bags include an outer layer and an internal thermal layer. The thermal layer is made from a reflective material to reflect heat radiation. Reflecting heat radiation helps keep the interior hot.

Some bags include an additional layer of open-cell or closed-cell foam insulation between the outer material and the thermal layer. Foam insulation can keep food warm longer.

Thirty to 45 minutes is the average delivery time for an Uber Eats order, which includes the time needed for the restaurant to prepare the food. Most deliveries are within five miles of the restaurant. It may only take you 15 to 20 minutes to reach a customer.

Unless you live in a large city with heavy traffic congestion, you should not need to worry too much about keeping the food warm.

How Do You Sanitize and Clean Food Delivery Bags?

After multiple deliveries, the inside of your bag is likely to collect grease and food debris. So, how do you clean a thermal bag? Cleaning a delivery bag involves daily cleaning and periodic deep cleaning.

Consider using antibacterial wipes or a clean rag with mild soapy water for daily cleaning. You should wipe the interior of the bag after each delivery or at least at the end of the day. Wiping the interior removes any debris and helps protect against bacteria growth.

Along with daily cleaning, you may occasionally need to wash the entire bag to remove lingering odors or tough stains. Depending on the type of bag, you may wash it in a washing machine or by hand.

Check the label on the bag. Manufacturers typically include washing instructions. The label may mention the type of wash cycle and dry cycle or recommend hand washing.

Some bags may not be strong enough to tolerate the agitation produced by a washing machine. One solution is to place the bag in a mesh laundry bag. Mesh laundry bags allow you to wash delicate items without the risk of tearing.

If you are worried about the washing machine damaging your bag, you can try washing it by hand. Hand washing also allows you to spot clean difficult stains.

Fill a sink or bucket with warm water. Add several tablespoons of laundry detergent or dish soap. Most bags can be fully submerged. Soak the bag and allow it to sit for several minutes.

Use a clean cloth to wipe the entire exterior and interior of the bag. If you come across any tough stains, consider using a spot stain remover with a toothbrush or soft-bristle hairbrush.

After washing the bag, drain the sink or bucket and fill it with warm water. Rinse the bag to remove the soapy water. Pat the bag with a towel to absorb as much water as possible. Set the bag in a cool, dry place.

You may use baking powder and water to remove more difficult stains that you could not get with a stain remover. Mix a small amount of baking powder with water and scrub it over the stain. Allow it to sit overnight before rinsing clean.

After the bag dries, you may occasionally notice lingering odors. Sprinkling baking soda inside the bag, especially in the corners and around the seams, can help absorb the odors. If you use baking soda to remove odors, allow it to sit overnight and wipe it clean in the morning with an antibacterial wipe.

How Do I Order Uber Eats Bags?

If you’re wondering where to buy food delivery bags, you can buy food delivery bags from Uber Eats, a local store, or an online shop such as Amazon.

The official Uber Eats bag is available from the company’s website. However, Uber Eats has a limited selection. The small tote and the pizza bag are reasonably priced, but the bike courier bag is a little expensive. If you look online, you can find dozens of other options at lower prices or that come with better features.

What Is the Best Bag for Food Delivery?

The best bags for food delivery are large enough to hold a large takeout order and sturdy enough to keep the food from falling out.

Uber Eats sells two different basic delivery bags, including the Uber Eats Branded Tote Bag and the Uber Eats Pizza Bag.

The tote bag is an affordable little insulated bag with two carrying handles. It has a zippered opening for adding food from the top. It also has a thermal foil interior that should keep food warm for a couple of hours. However, it is not the largest bag. While it may hold a single large order, it is unlikely to hold multiple orders.

The pizza bag is a standard insulated bag designed to fit four large pizza boxes when stacked on top of each other. It measures 20x20x10 inches. The zipper enclosure opens on the side, allowing you to slide the pizza boxes into the bag. It also has two handles for holding the bag from the top.

If the Uber Eats bags do not meet your needs, you can find other options online. When shopping for food delivery bags, pay attention to the following features:

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Type of insulation
  • Carrying handles
  • Dividers and pockets

The size is one of the main considerations. You want to ensure that the bag can at least hold a standard food order. As mentioned, the basic Uber Eats bag measures 15x12x9.5 inches. This should be the minimum size that you are looking for. However, if you want to hold multiple orders, you can get bags with twice the space.

The bags are also made with different materials. The exterior may be made with nylon, polyester, or other materials.

Nylon is great at repelling water but also tends to attract grease stains, which may require more frequent cleaning. Polyester is a little thicker and less likely to attract stains.

The type of insulation used determines the ability of the bag to retain heat or keep food cool. Most bags include a thermal reflective layer on the inside. If you want additional insulation, look for bags that include foam insulation between the thermal layer and outer material.

The most common types of insulation include closed-cell and open-cell foam. Open-cell foam insulation is less expensive, while closed-cell insulation provides superior thermal protection.

Carrying handles are useful for transporting food to and from your vehicle. Ensure that the handles appear durable. For example, the carrying handles on the Uber Eats bag are stitched to the sides of the bag instead of the top for extra support.

Some bags also include dividers and pockets. Dividers are placed inside the bag to help separate food or keep drinks from spilling. Mesh pockets may be included on the inside or outside of the bag, providing a spot for a receipt or other items.

That said, if you’re usually delivering fast food, I don’t think you need a bag with lots of dividers. The reasons are you’re going to be carrying two orders at once at most, and most fast food places seem to pack things into a large bag already that secures the food pretty well unless you’re throwing the bag around. The items I’ve had the most problem with are liquids (like soup or Pho, and sometimes coffee). In the case of soups, I’d try to make sure the order is packed tightly so it won’t leak. If the weather is ok, I’d even carry the drinks outside the bag so you can make sure they’re not on an angle.

Based on these details, the food delivery bags discussed below stand out as the best options for Uber Eats delivery drivers.

What Is the Best Bike Food Delivery Bag?

Delivering food by bike often requires a different type of bag. Cyclists often prefer to use backpack-style bags. You can strap the bag to your back and ride to the drop-off location.

The Biker Insulated Backpack from Uber Eats is designed specifically for those who deliver food on a bike. It is a sturdy bike courier backpack with a large interior and removable dividers. It measures 16x19x15 inches and has sturdy shoulder straps.

Uber Eats has also released an updated insulated backpack. It measures 17x17x14 inches and includes extra padding on the back and shoulder straps for increased comfort.

The Uber Eats Biker Insulated Backpacks are not your only option. When shopping online, you should still pay attention to the details discussed, including the size, material, and insulation. However, when delivering by bike, you also need a way to secure the bag.

Your main two options include backpacks and saddlebags. Insulated backpacks are available in a wide range of designs but place extra pressure on your back. A saddlebag secures to the back of the bicycle. Unfortunately, there is not a wide selection of insulated saddlebags. Here are a few of the top recommendations for both styles.


Uber Eats does not require you to use a delivery bag. Yet, a bag is a necessary item for transporting food without leaving grease and odors in your vehicle. Bags also help keep the food hot or cold.

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You can buy bags directly from Uber Eats or shop for bags online. You have a larger selection when shopping online, including options that may not hold up well. To find the right bag, remember to pay close attention to its size and materials to ensure that it meets your needs.

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