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10 Skip The Dishes Courier Tricks for 2022

As a third-party worker, there are plenty of strategies you can use to maximize your earnings and ensure an enjoyable experience for both the restaurant, the customer and yourself, all at the same time. 

These Skip The Dishes courier tricks can make the most out of your workday!

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Consider Distances

Never forget that you are driving your own vehicle. Always consider both time spent and distance driven when you accept an order.

A delivery might seem enticing until you realize that you’ll be taken well out of a city center and spend a major amount of time driving to and from a given delivery spot just to return to a major metropolitan area.

Rates are determined based on distance traveled, so you might drive only a few kilometers but traffic might make the delivery much longer than expected. Know your area, and know when peak traffic hours hit.

When dropping off the order, make sure you park properly so you don’t get a ticket.

Protect Your Health While You Drive for Skip the Dishes

Because you will be handling food and traveling around various locations, it is in both your and your client’s best interests that you practice personal hygiene.

Just as the restaurant workers that you are taking deliveries from, thoroughly wash your hand whenever you get the chance. Make sure that your vehicle and the surface area that your deliveries are kept on are sanitized.

Taking care that orders are in proper condition and look appealing can go a long way in ensuring the customer’s satisfaction and better chances that you receive a tip for exemplary service.

Accommodate Customers With Disabilities

Going the extra mile can be not only rewarding for you but can change the life of someone living with a disability. When receiving an order from a customer who has special needs, always be sure that you are accomodating them and making sure that they can reach their order safely.

This is especially important when individuals are concerned about contactless deliveries. Not always being able to meet a customer face to face means that you should try to be sure that you are leaving his or her order in a spot that is safe for the physically challenged. Treat every customer like it’s your grandmother!

Always Take Care of Food Allergies When Making Deliveries

Customers should always make restaurants aware of any food allergies that they might have. Restaurants should then do everything in their power to avoid cross-contamination and/or any other way that customers might come in contact with any allergens.

That being said, delivery drivers would never be mistaken by double-checking the order. Always make sure that the order you’re delivering is taking proper allergen precautions. This may include that all special order considerations are followed and that any allergen-sensitive dishes are packaged separately from the rest of the ticket.

Don’t Mention the Tip

While Skip the Dishes allows drivers to keep 100% of their tips, the best way to assure that you don’t get a tip is to mention it to the customer. Some platform users might see this practice as tacky, so just provide the best service you can and the tips will come with your attention to detail and a customer-focused attitude. Let your actions speak for themselves.

Remember the Top-up Bonus

Skip the Dishes makes sure to properly compensate its dedicated couriers by guaranteeing a minimum rate as long as delivery acceptance rates are at or above 80%. This minimum payment guarantee is always added to your next payment cycle and is calculated based on your past 10 payments.

Take the Fast Lane With Fast-Track Offer Matching

You can reap even more rewards by being diligent and ensuring professionalism in your work. Delivery workers with a high acceptance rate are given priority over other drivers. There is no minimum amount of deliveries to complete to be included in this talent pool, so getting off on the right foot can be extremely useful with Skip the Dishes.

Delivering Alcohol Can Get You More Orders

Skip the Dishes also offers alcohol delivery (but not tobacco products currently) matches for those meeting age requirements depending upon the area you are working in. Manitoba and Alberta require couriers to be at least 18 years old. Ontario, British Columbia, and New Brunswick necessitate that all alcohol delivery drivers be at least 19 years of age. Every Canadian province has different certifications needed to safely transport and deliver alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol deliveries can be an excellent way to supplement your income along with other Skip the Dishes orders, but it will require extra caution from the courier. Always ask your customer for a valid ID to assure that he or she is of age for alcohol consumption.

Never forget that it is illegal in Canada to provide alcohol to someone who is visibly intoxicated or underaged. If you find that a customer meets either of these parameters, it is imperative to immediately return the order to the vendor. 

Skip the Dishes provides several resources for workers who are concerned about a specific alcohol delivery. The chat function in the delivery app can provide support for any questions or issues you might have when making a delivery.

Maintain Your Thermal Bags

Order presentation goes a long way towards making a good impression. Taking care of your thermal bags can let a customer know just how much you care about their experience (this can also increase your chances of a tip)!

All you need is some warm water and soap to keep your thermal bags clean between shifts. A cheap set of sanitizing wipes can also help detail the bags between deliveries so you and your orders always look the best.

If possible, Skip the Dishes advises against leaving bags in vehicles overnight to avoid warping due to extreme weather.

There’s More to Skip the Dishes Than Driving!

If you’re interested in the firm’s corporate vision, Skip the Dishes has a role for everyone. Aside from working as a courier, individuals can work with the company in everything from accounting to public relations. If you’re enjoying working as a delivery driver with Skip the Dishes, then you might just be interested in touring the firm’s headquarters in Winnipeg.

On the company website, you can also check out open roles. Even if there’s nothing in your immediate field, you can always fill out a general application and see if Skip the Dishes has the next step for you!

Questions People Also Ask About Skip the Dishes

Is Skip the Dishes Only Available in Canada?

Skip the Dishes has recently suspended its operations in America after a deal with GrubHub, but it does offer service to over 100 Canadian cities. Potential customers and/or couriers should check if the Skip network is active in his or her area, as Skip the Dishes offers its services from coast-to-coast.

Do I Have Fixed Hours Delivering for Skip the Dishes?

Delivery partners working with Skip services can set their own availability, making it a perfect option for those looking for flexible work or an extra source of income. You can work whenever you want, so your work-life balance is completely up to you. You can also discover new restaurants in your town while you work, making it a perfect way to explore your city.

Do I Have to Provide My Own Vehicle?

Because the Skip network classifies its partner couriers as contractors, delivery drivers will need to provide his or her personal vehicle, but Skip the Dishes will not leave you out in the cold. The platform boasts many discounts in everything from vehicle maintenance to fuel rebates to help you keep your car on the road and good to go!

How Do I Report Tax Earnings From Skip the Dishes?

Because couriers are considered contractors, filing taxes should be similar to reporting the earnings and expenses of a small business.

Some applications can help you keep track of expenses such as mileage driven, gasoline purchased, and other wear and tear costs that you put on your vehicle while driving with the Skip network. Taking meticulous account of your daily costs can go a long way towards saving you money.

Do I Need Special Insurance to Work With Skip the Dishes?

All that’s required to work with Skip is a reliable vehicle that is both registered and covered by a general automotive insurance plan. There are no special stipulations or requirements as far as insurance policies are concerned. 

There is a general criminal and automotive background check to ensure the safety of both the driver and potential customers.

In addition to producing a valid driver’s license, you will have to submit proof that you are legally authorized to work in Canada.

Skip the Dishes does require a smartphone with a data plan so that you will be able to interact with the application as you make deliveries.

Finally, the platform does require you to provide your own thermal bags to assure customers that their orders are properly cared for upon delivery.

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We hope that these Skip the Dishes courier tricks can guide you to the best experience possible for both yourself and any potential customers!

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