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Doing Foodpanda on Foot

For many locals, Foodpanda has been a lifesaver during the pandemic and various MCOs. For those who’ve lost their jobs or just want some supplemental income, delivering meals through Foodpanda has gotten them through this tough period.

If you’re in a similar situation, you may have thought about delivering for Foodpanda, but maybe you’ve stopped because you don’t have a vehicle. Although many Foodpanda delivery workers use bicycles, scooters, or other vehicles, it is possible to deliver Foodpanda on foot. The company actively encourages it!

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You can be a Foodpanda walker too and join over a thousand other delivery workers bringing joy and happiness to homebound families in the form of food while just using their own two feet. Here is everything that you need to know about joining Foodpanda and making deliveries on foot.

How Do I Start Foodpanda?

One of the appeals of Foodpanda compared to other gig services applications is how comparatively easy it is to work for them. While the application process for some other jobs may take ages to finish the licensing process, Foodpanda takes at most a few days.

To get started, just go to the Foodpanda website and begin your application. You have the option to apply completely online or finish the application at one of their hubs. If you apply online, then Foodpanda will call you after at most three days to finish your application and background check. If you choose to finish your application at one of the Hubs, located in most downtowns, a Foodpanda staff member will help onboard you in person.

To complete your application, all you will need is your NRIC. If you plan on making deliveries on foot, you don’t need any other documentation. Delivery workers using motorcycles or power-assisted bicycles need to show their licenses and registration. You also need to pay an initial fee for the official shirts and bags.

Finally, once you’ve completed the onboarding process, you can download the official Roadrunner app that delivery workers use and complete the company’s virtual training.

Can I Do Foodpanda on Foot?

Yes, it is possible to deliver Foodpanda on foot! The company prefers walkers in dense urban areas as they can get around faster than delivery workers in vehicles sitting in traffic.

To sign up as a Foodpanda walker, select “Walker” in the initial application when the website asks you to select your vehicle. Foodpanda also has options to deliver by car, motorbike, bicycle, and e-bike.

When you get deliveries through the application, it takes your mode of transportation into account. Your shift also falls within a designated walking radius, so you won’t have to traverse many kilometers. However, sometimes deliveries go slightly beyond that radius if a customer changes their address.

As long as you are prepared for the physical challenge of walking through your whole shift, you can deliver Foodpanda on foot.

How Much Does a Foodpanda Walker Earn?

How much you earn delivering for Foodpanda will depend on the volume of deliveries you make. Delivery workers during peak hours can earn a base pay that’s $14 to $15 an hour. That doesn’t take into account other opportunities to earn money such as tips.

Foodpanda also has other opportunities to earn money on top of your base pay. For example, Foodpanda has something called a Quest Incentive, where if you complete a certain number of orders and have a high acceptance rate, you can earn up to $4 more on service fees per order. This adds up to several hundred dollars in bonuses if you chase the incentives that you see in the app.

Tips for Improving Your Foodpanda Experience

Working as a Foodpanda walker is rewarding and can help you earn a living. However, this gig comes with a few challenges. Here are some tips to maximize what you get out of delivering for Foodpanda.

Be aware that you have to sign up for shifts ahead of time. Foodpanda does this so that it always has delivery workers on schedule in case anyone wants a meal outside of the typical rush. You have to start your shift from the designated starting point for your area, which your app will help you find.

To increase the number of deliveries you are getting, turn on the Heat map function in the app. This shows you which areas are “hot,” or where there are more orders. By walking over to those areas, you increase your likelihood of getting an order.

Finally, be aware of normal peak hours. Lunch rushes usually start around 11am and the dinner rush is later in the afternoon. Schedule your shifts so that you get some time during peak hours to maximize your earnings. Also, be sure to eat before or after the rush as you may not have time to sit down!

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Even if you don’t have a vehicle, delivering on foot for Foodpanda can be a great way to earn some money.

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