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Does Instacart Drug Test Drivers?

These days, marijuana is used as a practical medication for illness, nausea, and many other common ailments.

Whether you use marijuana medicinally or recreationally (we’re not judging), you might be wondering, “Is Instacart going to drug test me?”

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We’ve got the inside scoop, so keep reading to find out what’s going on over at Instacart.

Does Instacart Drug Test for drivers?

Among the many questions that people have when they apply to Instacart is whether the company will drug test them.

The simple answer is that Instacart does not drug test drivers and shoppers who signup to work for their company. Instead, they perform a background check.

The background check is a comprehensive review of the applicant’s history. It looks for criminal records, credit history, and other public records. The background check also includes a review of social media accounts.

Truth be told, Instacart’s background check is more thorough than a traditional background check, so let’s take a look at exactly what it covers.

What are the background check requirements?

Applicants for Instacart jobs must have a clean driving record. It’s unlikely, for instance, that you’ll be approved as a driver if you have a DUI or other blemishes on your driving record.

Applicants must also provide proof of their residence because Instacart uses background checks to determine whether you are eligible to work in the US.

The company’s policy on hiring felons is not completely clear, but the general belief is that if the applicant has a violent criminal history, Instacart is unlikely to hire them. That said, if a felon has a criminal record without any recent incidents, it is possible these records will be ignored by the background check.

They will also look at social media accounts to see if they have posts that would suggest they are not a good fit for the company.

What else does the background check uncover?

Whether or not Instacart does background checks depends on the laws in your state. Generally speaking, a background check is a search through public and private databases for information on potential employees. Or, in this case, contractors.

Some of the information a background check can reveal includes personal information, driving history, education, and criminal history.

It’s important to keep in mind that in the US, background checks can look many years into the past. It varies from state to state, but most allow background checks to look back up to seven years for criminal convictions.

There are times when even older events will show up on a criminal record, but in most states, seven years is the limit at which an arrest without a conviction will be ignored.

What other requirements does Instacart have?

Those who want to drive for Instacart should know the requirements before registering.

To work for Instacart, you must be 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license, own a car, and pass a background check. You also need to have insurance coverage and no past speeding violations or criminal convictions.

One more requirement that is unique to Instacart is its requirement that you can lift at least 50 lbs. To be fair, you probably won’t have to ever lift that much, but they want to be sure that you’re healthy enough to bag and carry groceries without issue.

Start shopping for Instacart

As you’ve learned, Instacart does not drug test shoppers, but they do have an extensive background check.

It can sound intimidating at first, but the process is very quick, sometimes being completed in the same day. And once you’re approved, you can start making money right away.

If you haven’t signed up already, you can get started now:

Click here to signup for Instacart

Thanks for reading our guide on whether or not Instacar does drug testing. We hope it clears things up for you.

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Best of luck with your deliveries!

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