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Can I Drive Someone Else’s Car for Grubhub?

Want to deliver for Grubhub but don’t have a car?

You may be in luck.

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There are circumstances where using someone else’s car is okay. Read on to make sure you meet the criteria to drive another car for Grubhub.

Can you drive someone else’s car for Grubhub?

Whether you’re a college student, a recent graduate, or simply looking to get a second job, you might want to consider becoming a Grubhub driver. Grubhub is a food delivery service that allows people to order food from local restaurants, and as a driver, you’ll get paid for delivering these orders.

But can you deliver these orders without owning a car?

The short answer is yes. There’s not a problem with using, let’s say, your mom or brother’s car to make deliveries. As long as the car is safe to drive and you have a driver’s license, it’s good to go.

However, there is an issue when it comes to insurance.

You need commercial insurance for deliveries

The regulations change from state to state, but in virtually all of the US, you need commercial driver’s insurance covering the car.

Since car insurance typically follows the car and not the driver, this means the car’s owner would have to get this additional insurance policy for you to drive it for deliveries legally.

Grubhub doesn’t provide car insurance, but you can get rideshare coverage through most major insurance companies. It usually costs around $25 per month and ensures that you have coverage while you’re working for GrubHub.

You can shop around for the best rate, but the good news is that it won’t cost too much. The only question is whether the owner of the car will be okay with adding this to their existing policy.

Can I use my insurance on another car?

Generally speaking, car insurance sticks with the car and not the driver, so insurance for your car won’t apply to someone else’s.

This means that whoever owns the car will need to get a commercial insurance policy and make sure that it covers additional drivers. There are some policies that cover any other driver, but it would be best to have your name listed on the policy if possible.

Is there any way around it?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an alternative besides breaking the law.

Unlike Uber Eats and some other gig services, Grubhub does not help out with insurance, so it’s up to you to figure this out. The car you make deliveries with needs to have commercial insurance, whether it’s your car or someone else’s.

If your vehicle doesn’t have commercial coverage and you get in an accident during a delivery, the insurance company won’t cover your claim, and you’ll have to pay out of pocket, even if you’re not a fault.

Does Grubhub check for proof of insurance?

Grubhub reserves the right to check for proof of insurance, but this is not a part of the signup process. You can create an account and begin delivering orders without providing them with any information about the car you’re driving.

While Grubhub isn’t likely to check your proof of insurance, it’s not Grubhub you should be worried about. You’ll want to make sure you have the right insurance in case you get into an accident while delivering orders to ensure you’re not personally responsible for any damages.

Does Grubhub have any other driver requirements?

Besides insurance, Grubhub has a few other requirements for all drivers. These other requirements include:

  • 19 years or older
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Two years of driving experience

You also need to pass a background check during the application process. It’s important to note that all of these criteria can be met while driving someone else’s car.

Also, one perk of using Grubhub is that they’ll send you an insulated food delivery bag, unlike other services that require you to purchase one yourself.

Do I even need a car to deliver for Grubhub?

If this all sounds complicated, then here’s some good news: you don’t even need a car to deliver food for Grubhub.

Unlike services like Instacart that require you to transport large volumes of groceries, a Grubhub order is never going to get larger than a few pizza boxes.

If driving someone else’s car isn’t an option due to the commercial insurance requirements, you can always try a moped, electric scooter, or bike instead.

Get started with Grubhub

Now you know that it is possible to drive someone else’s car for Grubhub, as long as they have commercial driver’s insurance for their car and you meet all of Grubhub’s driver requirements.

And you can always use an alternative mode of transportation instead, such as a scooter or moped.

Regardless of how you choose to deliver orders, signing up for Grubhub is a simple process. There’s a quick background check, and you’ll likely get approved the same day.

Make sure to check out our top tips for new drivers once you’re signed up:

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Thanks for reading this guide on whether or not you can Grubhub with someone else’s car. We hope it helped you out today.

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Happy delivering!

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