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Does GrubHub Hire felons in 2021?

Yes but not always. Many drivers for GrubHub have reported being hired with non-violent felonies, while others have not been cleared to work by the company years after their felony convictions. While GrubHub uses Checkr, the same background check company used by most major delivery companies, GrubHub has been reported as the most stringent in its hiring by the North Carolina Employment Security Commission.

Many people have asked themselves: does GrubHub Hire Felons? This article will delve into the legal circumstances that might have a potential worker turned away from GrubHub as well as other questions that people also ask in regards to limits to the company’s employment practices. Research shows that GrubHub’s hiring of those with a criminal record is largely based on the demand and supply of couriers within a specific area precisely because GrubHub reserves the right to refuse employment because of an applicant’s criminal record.

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Can one deliver for GrubHub with a criminal record?

GrubHub requires every potential delivery driver to undergo a background check to ensure the safety of the platform’s customers and the dependability of its drivers. GrubHub claims that a driver must not have any criminal record, but drivers report being hired with felonies.

While a record does not eliminate a candidate, the prospects are not good. Traffic violations are also taken into consideration. According to one website, GrubHub is one of the hardest to get into, and readers with a criminal conviction might want to look into other food delivery services like DoorDash or Postmates.

Have applicants been turned away because of a felony conviction?

Yes. Some potential GrubHub couriers have reported being turned away for the results of their background investigations. Some applicants have reported that their criminal record has been very recent while others claim that their convictions were from years in the past. Some applicants have also been turned away because of misdemeanor charges.

The determining factor is market saturation and state laws, as GrubHub might allow a courier with a felony to work on its behalf if GrubHub requires drivers in a market, but the same applicant might be turned away where GrubHub already has a lot of delivery workers. GrubHub merely reserves the right to refuse employment based on an applicant’s criminal and driving record. It is not a solid rule but an option that the company reserves.

Have applicants been accepted with a felony conviction?

Again, yes. Applicants with felonies (both violent and non-violent) have been deemed able to deliver for GrubHub. The state an applicant’s crimes were committed in and how long ago the conviction was tends to vary from respondent to respondent, but it is possible to be accepted by GrubHub with a felony on one’s record. The determining factor is again what market the applicant is in. In busy areas that require delivery workers, GrubHub might be more willing to accept a courier with a felony compared to areas that already have a great deal of delivery workers compared to the demand that GrubHub is experiencing in that area.

What does the GrubHub background check involve?

The process is not very extensive or invasive. GrubHub is simply looking for major issues on an applicant’s driving record and/or criminal history. It is a standard background check that is used by many delivery companies.

People also ask

Why do GrubHub applicants undergo a background check?

Because GrubHub’s number one priority is safety, they request that all potential delivery workers go through a background check, because each courier becomes a representative of the company. Delivery workers will be interacting with customers on a daily basis, so the background check is a way to make sure that the experience is comfortable for both the worker and the customer.

GrubHub is also aware that many of its delivery workers in America will be operating motorized vehicles. Because workers will be driving on the behest of GrubHub it is important to the company any driver has the proper insurance and legal coverage when he or she is driving on the road for GrubHub.

GrubHub also provides all of its drivers with a prepaid card to make sure that deliveries are covered when a courier is picking up an order. GrubHub must ensure that its applicants do not ensure a history of financial fraudulence to ensure a safe environment for the courier, company, and customer.

How long does a GrubHub background check take to complete?

Respondents on the Indeed job board community provide a wide variety of answers. Some couriers have been cleared in only a few days to a week while others claim that it has taken months for their background check to be completed. GrubHub uses the company Checkr for both its driving record and criminal background investigations.

Does a courier have to have his or her own vehicle?

Yes. All potential delivery drivers must be able to secure his or her vehicle. This can be everything from a bicycle to a truck, but a driver must be able to prove that he or she has reliable transportation.

Some applicants might even prefer the ability to exercise by biking while they make deliveries instead of driving. Biking applicants also don’t have to produce auto insurance in the United States.

Do applicants have to pay for their background checks?

No. While some applicants may not be sure whether or not they will pass the criminal and driving investigations, it is always worth a try. Your odds of passing will vary by state to state and market to market, but potential couriers have nothing to lose by taking a shot.

What else do applicants need to start the process of delivering for GrubHub?

GrubHub shares many requirements for application with other delivery services. All applicants must be at least 19 years of age (or 21 in the city of Chicago, IL). Applicants can deliver with either an iPhone or Android smartphone, but they must be at least as recent as the ios 10 or 4.0 operating systems, respectively. Delivery personnel must also have a data plan activated on his or her phone.

Applicants who plan on driving must produce a current driver’s license and have at least two years of driving experience. If a prospective courier is using a car, he or she will need valid auto insurance that at least meets state requirements in terms of coverage. If a driver will not be operating a car, then this step is not necessary. If applicants will not be delivering using a car they will still need to produce a state-issued ID.

For payment purposes, all workers will need a bank account as GrubHub pays via direct deposit.

Finally, Applicants need to have a social security number. This is necessary to begin the also required background check which includes standard investigations of both the individual’s criminal and driving record. Again, what constitutes an applicant’s failure on this investigation varies by state and market, but GrubHub reserves the right to reject applicants based on the results of his or her background investigation.

While the question: does GrubHub hire felons can seem simple at the onset, the reality of the situation is a bit more complicated. Felons can be hired through GrubHub, but this is largely a matter of what market and state an applicant is currently residing in.

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The good news is that there is no barrier to entry. As long as one can produce a valid U.S. driver’s license, a social security number, and consents to both a driving and criminal record check, GrubHub will pay for the investigation.

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