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Can You Drive for Grubhub With a DUI?


One of the perks of doing food delivery work with GrubHub is the flexibility of not being tied to an employer in a traditional way. However, you need to pass a background check to drive with Grubhub. The background check investigates for basic things like felonies and other violations on your permanent record, so you might be out of luck if you have a had a DUI. 

This article will break down whether you can drive for Grubhub with a DUI and important things to know if you have a DUI before applying or getting one while driving for Grubhub.

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Can I drive for Grubhub with a DUI?

The short answer here is probably not. Grubhub, and the rest of the popular food delivery and rideshare apps, do a background check on all potential drivers before allowing them on the platform.

The Grubhub background check will check your background for felonies, sex offender charges, and other significant violations before approving you as a driver. 

A DUI is considered a felony in the United States, so, unfortunately, that would most likely disqualify you from becoming a Grubhub driver. It has been reported that Grubhub only focuses on felony DUI charges within the last seven years, so there is a chance that older DUIs would be overlooked.

In some circumstances where the DUI was a long time ago or has been removed from your record, you may be able to get hired by Grubhub. This will vary on a case-by-case basis and does not guarantee that Grubhub will overlook an old or expunged DUI, but it is possible. 

What does the Grubhub background check look for?

Because Grubhub drivers are coming in contact with so many customers to deliver food to customers’ homes, offices, and more, drivers must be trustworthy. 

For this reason, Grubhub chooses not to hire criminals on its platform so that customers feel safe using its service. Grubhub requires a standard background check on all drivers who apply, and you will be asked to provide your social security number when you apply to become a Grubhub driver, which they will use to run your background check. 

The background check looks for basic facts about each potential driver’s background to make sure they don’t have a criminal history, driving violations, or any other worrisome information in their past. Grubhub will choose who they allow driving on their platform based on the background check results. 

The Grubhub background check covers the following: 

  • Alcohol or drug-related moving violations – Any moving violations where drugs or alcohol were considered a factor in the last seven years are considered a red flag on Grubhub’s background check. 
  • Driving violations – One major violation or three minor violations in the last three years will most likely disqualify potential Grubhub applicants. 
  • Criminal charges – Grubhub screens all applicants for serious criminal charges like sexual offences, violent offences, theft, property damage, drug or alcohol charges, or any other felonies or serious charges. 

How long does a Grubhub background check take to get the results back?

Although you might be anxious to get started driving with Grubhub as soon as possible, you might have to wait a few days until your background check clears. 

Grubhub uses a standard third-party background check agency to complete their background checks, so it could take anywhere from 72 hours to 10 days for results to come back. Be patient during this time, and know that you will be up and running soon. 

Does Grubhub drug test?

There is no drug test required to become a driver with Grubhub. Drug use while driving for Grubhub is strongly discouraged, and they do review all driver’s backgrounds for drug offences, but they do not have a formal drug policy or drug testing protocol. 

Can I get fired from being a Grubhub driver if I get a DUI?

If you get a DUI while you are already an active Grubhub driver, you might be wondering what happens next. Will they find out? Will you get fired?  

It’s a bit of a gray area for a few reasons. It’s unknown whether the background check agency provides updates on drivers’ records once you have begun employment with Grubhub. 

If you previously had a clean driving record and passed the background check when you first applied with Grubhub, chances are you will be able to continue working for them. On the off chance that Grubhub conducts additional background checks, your record might be exposed at that time. 

Will UberEats, DoorDash, or Postmates hire me with a DUI?

If you have a DUI, it would be difficult to get hired by any major food delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, or Grubhub. 

All of the major food delivery apps have similar rules concerning how they handle driver applicants with a DUI in their background. 

Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Postmates all conduct a background check on potential drivers just like Grubhub does to check for criminal history and drug or alcohol-related charges or felonies. They reserve the right to refuse to work with a driver who has any serious violations like DUIs during the background check process. 

It is always handled on a case-by-case basis, and there may be some exceptions if your DUI is from a long time ago or if it was sealed or removed from your record. 

Can Grubhub deactivate me as a driver?

If you log into your Grubhub driver app to find that you have been deactivated or locked out of your account, it is likely because they found that you violated something in their Quality of Service policy. 

You will be expected to review and sign off on this policy to become a Grubhub driver, so make sure you read the policy thoroughly to ensure compliance. 

The policy only pertains to specific scenarios that would occur while driving for Grubhub, not necessarily DUIs. It refers to things like lying about delivering orders, cancelling or not completing an order repeatedly for unreasonable circumstances, and repeated complaints from customers or restaurants. 

Final Thoughts

If you have had a DUI in the last seven years, it’s a strong possibility that you will not be accepted as a driver for Grubhub. Their thorough background check process will find your DUI record, which will most likely disqualify you from the rest of the application process. 

As frustrating as this may be as a potential driver looking for steady, flexible work, Grubhub is committed to ensuring the safety of their drivers and everyone else on the road. Having a driver with a DUI or any other severe or frequent motor vehicle violations is a huge liability for the company. 

If your DUI was several years ago or was removed or sealed in your records, you could still be a candidate for a driving job with Grubhub. There’s really nothing to lose, so if you are interested in becoming a Grubhub driver, consider applying to see what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised. 


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  1. A DUI is not considered a felony in the United States. A basic DUI is always a misdemeanor unless the offender has had a passed DUI, someone was seriously injured/killed, or the blood alcohol content if the driver was extremely high.

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