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Can You work with Uber Eats if you have a DUI?


People with a history of driving infractions might wonder if you can do Uber Eats with a DUI? While Uber Eats requires all of its partners to pass a basic background check, various workers have reported both being hired and being refused an opportunity to work with Uber Eats as the results will vary based on how long ago the infraction occurred and state / local market conditions.

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Can I drive with Uber if I’ve been charged with a DUI?

Drivers are able to keep driving for Uber and Uber Eats if they can only been charged with a DUI. This does not apply in instances where the driver’s license was not suspended.

Can I work with Uber Eats if I’ve already been convicted of a DUI?

Drivers that already have been convicted of a DUI will have a very tough time passing the Checkr background check that Uber Eats uses to review an applicant’s criminal and driving records.

Most states use a 7-year rule, meaning that a DUI will stay on a driver’s record for 7 years, and a basic background check will not report a charge. Some states (California in particular) uses a 10-year rule before charges are erased.

What if an applicant was charged but not found guilty of a DUI?

This can vary based on the specifics of the ruling. Drivers that were acquitted and found not guilty of his or her DUI charge should not have an issue procuring opportunities to work with Uber.

Some legal experts claim that cases where the case was dismissed can be problematic when it comes to the Uber Eats background check. Although the driver never faced any legal repercussions, the charges will still appear on a driving record. If given the opportunity, it may help the applicant to explain the specifics of his or her case in order to clarify the situation.

Having a DUI expunged from your record will help as well, but it can still be a hassle. The guilty verdict will be removed from one’s criminal record, but it will still appear on a driving record. Again, applicants should explain their situation with Uber if given the opportunity as communication is always appreciated.

People also ask:

What does the Uber Eats background check entail?

The company Checkr varies slightly based on the resources available and what local and state law permits, but the core of the process is roughly the same across the United States. Checkr checks courthouse records (both at the state and local level), the federal criminal database, and the national sex offender registry.

The criminal check only looks for major crime such as felonies or violent and/or sexual convictions in the past 7-10 years depending on the state, but the driving record can give applicants far more trouble. Uber recommends that you contact Checkr directly if you have any questions about the status of your background check.

Applicants should bear in mind that Uber Eats requires that drivers now pass yearly background checks, so simply passing the initial criminal and driving check isn’t the only time that driver’s will have to be aware of legal consequences.

Uber will be notified if a driver is charged with any sort of major offense. This applies whether or not the individual was driving as an Uber Eats worker at the time the incident occurred.

Is the Uber Eats background check the same as other delivery platforms?

Almost every major delivery and taxi application reports to use Checkr as their third-party for background investigations. This means that hiring tendencies between Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft, GrubHub, and Postmates are all very similar, but refusal of employment at one company does not mean that applying is not worth the effort of applying at another.

How much can driver’s make with Uber Eats?

Driver communities report making roughly 20 to 25 dollars an hour driving on the platform, but it should be noted that drivers are also responsible for the fueling and maintenance of their vehicles. Smart drivers will remember to record these as business expenses when filing taxes.

Drivers also caution new workers that this 20 to 25 dollar rate also requires some critical thinking from the driver. Beginners are often nervous about refusing even the most impractical or orders, but experienced couriers insist that being more selective is a financially wise strategy.

Applicants who are worrying about if you can do Uber Eats with a DUI will have to bear in mind that it will likely be a difficult process, especially if the charge is only from the past few years, but drivers do report being hired even with a DUI charge from as early as 3 years ago.

Potential couriers should remember that the application process for Uber Eats is very streamlined and only takes a few minutes, so there’s no harm in trying to get through the process!