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DoorDash Hotspots Reviewed 2021 (Everything you need to know)

What are DoorDash Hotspots? Hotspots are areas designated by the DoorDash app as good places for couriers to wait near, as they represent restaurants that are receiving a high volume of orders. Although they do not guarantee that delivery personnel will receive orders, they are meant to be a guide to workers to have the most productive day possible.

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What are the Different Types of Hotspots?

There are currently two major categories of Hotspots that DoorDash utilizes.

Dynamic Hotspots

Dynamic Hotspots will appear on a driver’s app when there is a particularly high volume of orders in a given area on a certain day and time. It will appear as a red area on the map.

Drivers do not have to physically be within the red area to receive orders, but they will increase their chances of getting orders the closer they are to the red area.

Historical Hotspots

Historical Hotspots will be represented by a flame icon on the delivery app, but there will be no red area. This icon indicates that the area has been designated a hotspot in the past, but there isn’t currently enough order volume coming out of the area to warrant a dynamic hotspot. DoorDash uses its most recent data on order volume to keep its historical hotspots up to date.

What if there are no Hotspots visible on my map?

Delivery personnel may find that there are no hotspots visible on the map. This does not mean that the app is broken. There are simply not enough orders coming in any particular area for Door Dash to designate a Hotspot. Drivers can still receive orders as normal.

How often does DoorDash update Hotspots?

DoorDash updates its data on potential hotspots and how busy restaurants are every ten minutes, but many hotspots are typically still good spots to pick up orders even after the hotspot has ended in that area.

Are DoorDash Hotspots useful for drivers?

Many drivers have wondered how much more they can make utilizing hotspots, but they report varying success. Hotspots are most likely to appear at obvious mealtimes, such as during lunchtime for office workers or dinner time on weekend nights.

The delivery community generally agrees that hotspots are valuable tools if one is very close to you, but driving miles out of your way to getting to a hotspot is an inefficient use of one’s time.

Many drivers don’t even bother with the concept at all but would instead park their car near a large shopping center and wait for orders that way.

Some drivers have even suggested not merely looking for shopping centers with many restaurants but also ones close to housing complexes like rowhomes or apartment blocks. This makes it more likely you won’t have to travel far to make a delivery after picking up the order.

Some drivers claim that Hotspots can be misleading as their locations can sometimes be based on landmarks or structures near businesses that deal in many DoorDash orders. Some drivers even share stories of traveling directly to Hotspot markers only to find themselves in the shoe department of a shopping mall!

Experienced drivers encourage other delivery personnel to take matters into their own hands and always be aware of their immediate market. Drivers should always make a note of what restaurants in their market are more likely to get DoorDash orders rather than simply relying on HotSpot markers or waiting near the closest restaurant.

Some popular restaurants may be near the center of HotSpot landmarks. Still, Dashers can save valuable miles and minutes by merely researching and finding out where in a HotSpot area is most likely to receive delivery requests.

It’s also important to note that parking can always be an issue. Hotspots might not be worth the hassle if it is close to a difficult area to park in. The hotspot feature can be a helpful guideline, but drivers should always use their best judgment when deciding where to work from.

Is it better to sit at a hotspot or drive around to wait for delivery orders?

Some drivers report living so close to a typical hotspot area that they can simply wait at home to receive an order from DoorDash. If a driver lives close to a series of restaurants, then it can be better to simply wait for orders rather than drive around the city hoping to get orders. This will also reduce wear and tear on a courier’s vehicle.

People Also Asked:

How Much should drives aim to make per delivery?

Beginner DoorDash drivers may be tempted to take every delivery request that comes their way. Still, experienced drivers recommend that drivers not agree on at least one dollar per mile and aim to average between one to one dollar and fifty cents per mile when considering order details.

Some drivers even recommend not accepting orders that pay closer to two dollars per mile during peak lunch or dinner hours. This is especially important when a driver has a vehicle that might be less fuel-efficient or require more frequent or more expensive repairs.

What are “Stacked Orders”?

Another useful strategy that drivers can use to maximize their earnings is stacked orders. This is when a driver picks up multiple delivery packages from one restaurant to deliver to different residences. Potential drivers can wait around restaurants that are known to be very busy in order to receive multiple orders at a time for delivery.

Should drivers be worried about being deactivated for not accepting enough orders?

No. Drivers cannot be suspended or deactivated from DoorDash solely based on their acceptance rate. This makes it exceptionally important to know when to accept and when to decline particular orders. Delivery personnel should always be strategic when accepting orders whether or not it is during peak hours or involves delivery to or from a DoorDash Hotspot.

Can DoorDash drivers deliver across state lines?

DoorDash drivers are able to pick up and deliver out of state. Many drivers who live and work near state borders might find this to be more profitable if they live near a large city on the other side of a state border.

This can be especially profitable if a delivery driver lives in a rural area but there is a major city just across state lines. Most Dashers recommend minimizing commute time and miles driven, but there can be exceptions if a driver can reasonably reach a more lucrative market.

How else can drivers maximize their earnings through DoorDash?

Drivers in cities or other large markets should take advantage of DoorDash calls “Peak Pay” hours. These are particular days or times when DoorDash will guarantee an extra payment on top of a delivery’s base rate if demand is particularly high.

Particularly diligent drivers might even be eligible for the Top Dasher program. Dashers with a history of going above and beyond will be eligible for monthly rewards. To be eligible, Dashers must have:

  • A customer rating of at least 4.7.
  • A deliver acceptance rate of at least seventy percent.
  • A completion rate of at least ninety-five percent.
  • At least 200 deliveries were completed over the Door Dash app.
  • At least 100 deliveries completed during the month would be eligible for any Top Dasher rewards.

Door Dash releases the terms and conditions of the rewards every month.

While many drivers may be tempted to only focus on staying near large commercial centers to begin their orders, they would do well to consider where they will be making their deliveries.

Making a delivery to a residency far out of town might not be worth the travel compared to a delivery that takes a driver from a busy commercial center to another where they can easily pick up another delivery order right away.

Some drivers might try to wait outside a given restaurant and wait to receive word that their delivery order is ready. This can be a costly mistake. Orders for DoorDash and other delivery services can be easily shuffled about and confused with one another. Diligent drivers should always make a point to enter the restaurant and announce their presence and order to avoid any confusion.

While drivers are considered contractors and not full-time employees of DoorDash, delivery personnel should always keep documentation of gasoline and repair costs on their vehicles. Drivers can expect a deduction of almost sixty cents per mile on their federal tax return when driving with DoorDash. These can be accepted as tax deductions when filing one’s tax return.

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As potential drivers can see, this DoorDash Hotspot review shows that they are a useful guideline. However, couriers will still have to exercise their best judgment to maximize earnings. Hotspots can be a great way to schedule your day when working with DoorDash, but there are always extenuating circumstances to consider.

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