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DoorDash schedule vs Dash Now compared- Which is better?

As a DoorDash driver, your goal is to stay busy and get as many orders as you can to maximize your earning potential. You can either schedule your DoorDash shifts or choose the Dash Now option depending on how you want to work and what your availability is. Both options are great and serve different types of Dashers.

Keep reading to learn more about the difference between selecting Door Dash scheduled shifts or choosing Dash Now.

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How does DoorDash Schedule work?

Scheduling your Dasher shifts ahead of time allows you to pick specific dates and times you are going to work. This is a great option if you are looking for consistent, reliable work with DoorDash.

When you schedule a DoorDash shift, you not only pick the dates and times you want to work. You will also map out your route to let DoorDash know where you want to work during your shifts. This helps them plan availability for orders ahead of time and ensures that you will have ample work during your shift.

How does Dash Now work?

Dash Now is a very straightforward way to work. You just log into your Dasher app and select the “Dash Now” option, which lets the app know that you are now open for business so they can schedule you for orders.

It’s best to drive to peak areas that are busy or full of a lot of restaurants before hitting the “Dash Now” button so you will have the best chance to get a lot of orders. Check the map in the Dasher app to see where things look busy, and take note of that so you can dash in busy areas when you are working.

Is DoorDash Schedule or Dash Now better?

Both Dash Now and Schedule are great options for DoorDash workers. They serve different purposes and offer important flexibility for dashers to choose how and when they want to work.

If you are looking for consistency and a guaranteed amount of work, Schedule might be the best choice for you. If you are going to be working during peak times like the lunch or dinner rush, scheduling your shifts is a great way to set aside time to work and maximize your orders. 

Many dashers love the freedom and flexibility of Dash Now. Many people opt for gig work like DoorDash because of the flexibility to make your own schedule, so this is a great way to capitalize on that when you want. You can still get a lot of orders and make good money doing Dash Now if you are savvy. 

What if I can’t work when I have a DoorDash Schedule shift?

Life happens, even if you have a DoorDash shift. Sometimes there are unavoidable circumstances that might prevent you from working a scheduled shift on DoorDash.

Don’t let the possibility of not being able to work your shift deter you from using this feature. If you scheduled a shift on DoorDash, it’s very easy to reschedule or cancel if something comes up. You can reschedule or cancel right from your Dasher app as soon as you know you will be unable to complete a shift.

Of course, you should always do your best to work your shift as scheduled whenever possible. With that said, DoorDash will not penalize you if you have to cancel or reschedule a shift due to an emergency as long as it doesn’t become a frequent issue.

Does Schedule get more orders than Dash Now?

DoorDash has confirmed that they do give orders to scheduled dashers before dashers who have just selected the Dash Now option. They do this because they can plan on the scheduled dashers working, whereas Dash Now takes some time to update in the app, and the app doesn’t know how long you plan to work.

The order of priority in the DoorDash algorithm typically starts with Top Dashers, then scheduled dashers, and finally, Dash Now dashers. This is because the scheduled dashers have pre-committed a stretch of time at a specific location, so DoorDash prioritizes them to keep them busy during the time they have set aside.

If you have good ratings or Top Dasher distinction, you will still get a good amount of orders when you select Dash Now, depending on the volume in your area.

How do I get more orders with Dash Now?

One of the number one questions that DoorDashers want to know is how to get more orders, especially if you are only doing Dash Now.

When you do Dash Now, you are subject to the orders that are available in your geographic area at any given time. You are also competing against other dashers in your area. If there are more dashers than there are orders, you might have some lulls during your shifts.

Here are a few ways to optimize the number of orders you get with Dash Now:

Become a Top Dasher

As a Top Dasher, you get access to some perks that not all dashers have.

Top Dashers are prioritized by the app, so they will get orders assigned before regular dashers. If you want to make sure you get the most orders during your Dash Now shifts, this is the best way to do it.

Prioritize great customer service

If you are not in the Top Dasher program, the other way to get to the top of DoorDash’s assignment algorithm is by having good reviews.

When DoorDash assigns orders, they send orders to Top Dashers and dashers with stellar customer ratings first. Make it a priority to have a professional appearance, deliver orders on time, and be friendly to give yourself the best chance at earning good reviews.

Work during peak hours

The key to maximizing your orders during a Dash Now shift is to work during peak times in your area.

Take note of what times of day you seem to get the most orders, and plan to work during those times whenever you can. Most dashers find that lunch, dinner, and late evening shifts tend to have the highest earning potential.

Find the best locations

Where you are when you hit that “Dash Now” button makes all the difference in what you are going to get for orders during your shift. Sometimes traveling a few miles to a busy area where there are a lot of restaurants or a location that is densely populated can help you gain access to more orders.

If you live in a busy city, chances are you will be able to work right around your home and get plenty of orders. If you live in a more rural area, try out a few local busy areas to see what has the highest volume of orders and plan to work around that area.

How do I get Top Dasher on DoorDash?

Top Dasher is a distinction that DoorDash gives to all dashers who meet specific distinctions month after month. It is meant to recognize top-notch service and hard work amongst all dashers.

Every dasher must qualify for Top Dasher each month to keep the badge and the perks in the following month. This is great because you can earn Top Dasher in just one month’s time, so it is not something that you can only earn after months and months of deliveries.

It may take you a few months to initially earn your Top Dasher badge because of some of the order requirements, but it is attainable if you are working a lot and are committed to earning it.

Here is what you need to do to earn Top Dasher:

  • Minimum of 200 total orders completed as a dasher
  • Deliver 100 orders successfully completed in the last month
  • A customer rating of 4.7 or higher
  • 95% order completion rate
  • Minimum of 70% order acceptance

Final Thoughts

There are pros and cons to both DoorDash Schedule and Dash Now. Which one you choose will depend upon many factors, including how often you plan to work, how much money you are hoping to earn, and how busy the area is where you live.

To get guaranteed DoorDash work, Schedule would probably work best for you. You can choose the date, time, and location where you plan to dash so that your shift will be preplanned and busy when the time comes.

If you prefer more flexibility in your work or if you live in a highly-populated area, Dash Now might work better for you. Dash Now lets you decide to work whenever you want without having to commit to a schedule ahead of time. Just click the “Dash Now” button in your Dasher app and get to work!

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You can do a little bit of both scheduled shifts, and Dash Now shifts to figure out what will work better for you and what you like better. There are no rules, and you can decide what works for your lifestyle and your DoorDash goals.

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