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Can You do DoorDash on a Bike?

Yes, you can 100 percent do Doordash on a bike depending on what city you live in. DoorDash has made delivered on a bike thanks to the DoorDash Dasher app. Doing Doordash on a bike can help you earn your own income as an independent contractor while not having access to a car.

The rest of the article will go into detail about the pros and cons of doing DoorDash on a bike. It will also answer the most frequently asked questions about doing DoorDash on your bike.

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Can you do DoorDash on a bike?

You can certainly do DoorDash on a bike depending on where you are geographically. With the DoorDash app, you can easily pick up orders within the range in which you’re capable of biking. 

How does the DoorDash app work for biking?

If you’ve chosen to bike for your DoorDash deliveries, using the DoorDash app is a must. When in the DoorDash app, choose the button at the bottom of the map which asks you if you will be using a car, bicycle, or e-bike.

Where can you bike for DoorDash?

DoorDash currently only allows delivery dashers to use a bike in specific cities. These are larger cities such as Philly, Boston, New York City, Toronto and San Francisco. 

Why can you only bike in certain cities for DoorDash?

For larger, more populated cities, it’s easier to make on-time deliveries as a dasher who bikes. When you’re in cities that are more spread out and less densely populated, it is harder for you to bike the distance and deliver food while it’s still hot.

How old do you have to be to be a DoorDash biker?

Although you don’t need a license to drive a bike, DoorDash does require you to meet the minimum age of 18 years old. You will need proof of age upon being hired. Read here for more information.

Why should you deliver DoorDash on a bike?

Being a dasher who delivers DoorDash on a bike helps you to save on gas, insurance, mileage, and oil that you’d have to pay for when using a car. Another large expense that dashers complain about often is parking tickets. This is avoided with biking. 

Is biking for DoorDash better?

Depending on your end goals, DoorDash can be better on a bike than in a car. Using a bike for deliveries also helps keep your body and mind in shape, something other jobs don’t offer. On top of this, biking for DoorDash is far better for the environment.

What are the cons to biking for DoorDash?

Although biking for DoorDash can help you save expenses that a car can force you to spend, it also has some downfalls. One of them being speed. If you’re going a far distance, you might not be delivering that food as fast. Which makes it slower to pick up and deliver the next order. On top of this, it sucks to deliver by bike when it rains. 

How much can you make as a DoorDash biker?

The amount of income you make as a DoorDash biker is completely up to you and how much you work. It fluctuates per person, but your income is made based on your tips. On average, you can make anything between 10-20 dollars an hour. There are also a lot of promotional bonuses that the company offers.

What promotions can you make as a DoorDash biker?

One of the promotional opportunities while biking for DoorDash includes an increased rate during its peak delivery hours, giving you the chance to make more with your tip. Another opportunity is how you’re promoted through a rating system when you deliver.

How do you do your taxes as a DoorDash biker?

Biking for DoorDash makes you an independent contractor, meaning you’re like a freelance delivery person. This means that you’re responsible for keeping track of your taxes at the end of each tax season. Depending on where you live, you will have to save a specific percentage of your income to pay your taxes. This also means you can claim certain things.

How do you know where to go?

As a biker, it’s much harder to follow the DoorDash location on a map, but not impossible. Hopefully, you’re familiar with your city, which can help you be efficient. This being said, it is easier to follow a GPS while in your car in comparison to your bike. 

How do you become a DoorDash biker?

It’s very easy to apply to do DoorDash on a bike. 

  • Go to
  • Set up an account if you don’t already have one.
  • From there the site will give you a vehicle form where you would choose the type of vehicle you want to use.
  • If the bicycle is not a choice when selecting a form of transportation, that either means that you’re not in a city that offers DoorDash bike delivery, or it means you have to contact DoorDash directly to clarify. 
  • You will have to provide a valid diver’s license to complete the DoorDash background check upon applying. 

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Now that you know how easy it is to become a DoorDash biker, use the link above to get the application process started.

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