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Can Someone Else DoorDash for Me?


DoorDash and other food delivery gigs are a great way to make good money delivering food right where you live. If for some reason, you’re not available when you signed up to deliver, you might be wondering if someone else can drive for you. This shouldn’t be a problem since you’re an independent contractor with DoorDash. 

Keep reading to learn whether you can have someone else DoorDash for you and how to go about it quickly and conveniently. 

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Can someone else DoorDash for me?

As an independent contractor with DoorDash, you have quite a flexibility around how your deliveries get done. As long as you deliver food in a timely manner and maintain a friendly and professional demeanor, you are free to have someone else deliver for you or accompany you while you DoorDash. 

If you decide to sub out your DoorDash deliveries to someone else, they must also be a Dasher. You cannot have someone who is not actively signed up with DoorDash make your deliveries for you because they require a background check and important information on all their drivers to maintain a safe and fair marketplace. 

This ensures that DoorDash knows who is making deliveries to their customers, but it can free you up to parse out the work to a team of Dashers if you wish or have someone take over for you in a pinch.

Can I drive someone else’s car to do DoorDash deliveries?

You can drive any car you want to deliver for DoorDash, whether it’s your vehicle or one you borrowed from a friend or family member. If you live in an urban area, you can even do DoorDash deliveries on a bike or scooter

Although DoorDash is flexible about what kind of transportation you are using, they require a few things. You must have a valid driver’s license and insurance to protect yourself and others while driving for DoorDash. 

Can I make a DoorDash account with my friend or significant other?

DoorDash accounts are for one individual only. There is no way to make a partner or team account if you plan to bring people on to DoorDash with you. 

Even if you plan to DoorDash with someone else, you will both need your own account. You are both free to team up as you see fit to get your deliveries done. 

Can I bring people with me while I drive for DoorDash?

It can get lonely if you plan to do a long DoorDash delivery shift. Spending several hours in the car alone driving around isn’t always the best, even if you have a great playlist or podcast to keep you company. 

Many DoorDash drivers bring along a companion while they do their deliveries. This is a great way to beat the blues of a long stretch of time in the car and can even end up being helpful to you. 

You can bring a friend, significant other, or even your kids with you while you deliver food. Because you are an independent contractor with DoorDash, this is fine if you get your deliveries done.

Why is it helpful to bring someone along while I deliver for DoorDash?

You know that you can bring someone along with you while you DoorDash, but there are some benefits to doing this that you may not be aware of. 

Here are some of the reasons why you might consider bringing someone along with you the next time you are delivering for DoorDash:

Keeps you company

One of the most obvious reasons it’s helpful to bring someone with you when you DoorDash is because they can keep you company. Having someone to talk to while driving, especially if you are planning to stay out for a while, is a nice way to break up the monotony. 

Another set of hands

You know that every spare second counts if you are hustling during your DoorDash shifts. Having another set of hands in the car with you can help with efficiency. 

The passenger can look up addresses for you, wait with the car if there isn’t somewhere close to the park, or even run the food up to the door. There are lots of little things they can help you with to make your shift easier and help you take on more orders in less time. 

Makes you feel safer

You can always refuse any DoorDash order in an area that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you don’t trust for any reason. However, having another person with you can make you feel safer overall as you go to places you’ve never been and encounter a lot of strangers. 

Skip the babysitter

If you have young kids at home, it can be fun to bring them along with you while you DoorDash. Be sure to pack lots of toys and snacks to keep them entertained during your shift. Of course, there are some safety concerns to having kids with you, but it is a great way to avoid getting childcare coverage while you deliver. 

Can someone else deliver UberEasts or Grubhub for me?

We know that DoorDash is fine with you having someone else do your food deliveries as long as you meet their delivery standards. Many delivery drivers also drive for some of the other major food delivery apps and DoorDash, so it’s important to know where they stand on this topic. 

The good news is that the story is basically the same for UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates, and DoorDash. 

With all of these large policies, you will find that most of the companies have a similar stance. This is helpful for anyone who actively works for multiple services, so you don’t have to keep the rules straight for each one if you know they all allow the same thing.

All of these apps make it clear that as a delivery driver for them, you are an independent contractor. As long as you provide the necessary documentation and anyone who delivers for you also has an account with the service, you are free to have people “working for you” as you see fit.  

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why you might need or want someone else to DoorDash for you. Whether you have an emergency and need someone to finish your orders for you or because you are looking to maximize orders by having someone drive for you, you have options. 

DoorDash and other major food delivery apps are okay with you having someone else drive for you. The only caveat is that whoever is driving for you must also have a Dasher account, and they must be insured and have a valid driver’s license. 

As long as your driver can meet those requirements, you can have someone else take over for you whenever you want. 

You can also bring people along with you while you DoorDash to keep you company or help you with order volume and productivity. DoorDash is made to be flexible work that fits into your life, so it’s helpful to be able to decide how and when you are going to work and whether or not you’re going to have help.