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Can you DoorDash With a Passenger?

DoorDashing can make for a long day with plenty of time spent behind the wheel. Music is great, and it certainly helps, but a company can often be a salve on the boredom of constantly driving around town, delivering food throughout the day. 

DoorDash doesn’t have a rule on whether or not you can bring a passenger along for the ride. In fact, it can be a friend, a family member, a child, or even your favorite pet boa constrictor. The point is, it doesn’t matter who comes along, so long as they are not a disturbance for you or for your work.

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Fortunately, it’s all part of being an independent contractor. Being independent and working on your own time means that you have some degree of elbow room when it comes to how you do your job, so long as you do it well, keep your customers satisfied, and deliver on time. 

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Can You Dash with a Minor?

As aforementioned, you can dash with just about anyone that you wish and that includes minors. One of the great things about working from home, owning your own business, or simply being free of a direct boss to answer to, is that you are freer to choose how you deal with childcare. 

You can simply keep your kids with you while you work, so long as they are not high-energy, boisterous, and highly distracting. It opens up your options. The only “minor” policy that DoorDash insists upon applies to the DoorDasher themselves. You have to be at least 18 years of age to DoorDash.

So long as you are 18, you can Dash with whomever you want to and that’s the only application you’ll that DoorDash enforces. 

One of the freedoms of working as an independent contractor for DoorDash is your freedom of choice. There are many mothers and fathers out there who want to work but have obligations to little children who cannot be left at home alone.

Hiring a babysitter is an option, however, it’s a paying option and when you are trying to earn money, it’s better to not have to pay out every, single day. Since most people who work as DoorDashers spend quite a lot of time doing so, that’s a lot of funds outgoing rather than incoming. 

The only caveat is, of course, bathroom breaks and distractions. You can minimize that by preparing as best as possible before you head out and start hitting up your various pick-ups and deliveries. 

Can You Dash with Pets?

Pets are every bit as welcome as children. The type of pet doesn’t much matter. Once again, so long as it is not a distraction, then you are good to go. Pets enjoy their owner’s company as well as the reverse and they will probably be happy to come along for the ride. 

Also, those waiting periods between orders, on a slow day, are great times to spend with your pet. Especially if you have a dog that you can walk between your delivery points. 

Unfortunately, customers may frown on the fact that you have your dogs with you on your ride. Most customers file complaints of the unsanitary nature of having your dog in the car with you while you are delivering their food. 

Never mind the fact that most of those same customers probably eat the food that you delivered with their own dogs sitting happily in their laps or begging from a foot or two away.

Regardless of the customer’s inclinations towards canine companionship[ and food, if you bring your dog along, you may get complaints. 

Is There an Official Policy Concerning Passengers?

When you dig in deep with the DoorDash policies, you won’t find anything that says anything whatsoever about passengers or the lack thereof. DoorDash is very loose with its passenger policy. 

As we mentioned briefly above, the only policy that has anything to do with stipulations is loosely associated with minor passengers but it doesn’t refer to minor passengers at all, only on the requisite age of 18 if you want to work for DoorDash. 

That’s the entire extent of DoorDash’s policy if you want to work with them

Can You DoorDash with Your Baby?

Of course, since DoorDash lacks any kind of clear policy on the matter, you can certainly DoorDash with your baby. It’s not the advisable thing to do, however, as so much can go wrong with a baby in tow. 

Unfortunately, it’s the circumstance in which many find themselves, and in order to make a living, sometimes it’s a necessity to bring along a baby or an infant. This has been especially true during the pandemic, when everything was closed down, including most childcare industries.

Thanks to DoorDash’s loose policy on passengers, it enabled a lot of men and women to continue working throughout the pandemic by simply bringing their little ones along for the ride. 

The gig economy has become a wonderful tool for many families, all across the country. It has enabled many who lost their jobs during the pandemic, either by businesses closing down due to mandates or because many businesses could no longer afford to pay their workers. 

Having no other choice, turning many to the gig economy, notably DoorDash, became an eye-opening revelation for many that there is money to be made, although certain sacrifices had to be made to take advantage of it. 

Fortunately, companies such as DoorDash kept their passenger policies loose and open, allowing parents to bring their children, pets, and family members with them, creating an opportunity with a little bit of sacrifice. 

What Will Get You Disqualified from DoorDash?

Now that we know you cannot be disqualified as a DoorDasher for having passengers, whether it be adults, children, toddlers, infants, babies, dogs, cats, or even the pet snake, what can get you disqualified from DoorDash? 

Mostly, the thing that will cause you to be disqualified are things that happened in the past and if you lie about them by falsifying your application. DoorDash is more than capable of conducting background checks and most often does. 

Other disqualifications during your conditional approval period include driving inebriated, lying about your driver’s license, and/or the vehicle you drive. Failure to deliver orders that you have accepted and many more. 

These are the typical things that would get you fired at any place of traditional employment, so it’s not like it’s something new or different with DoorDash. Of course, there are typical errors that crop up in background reports, so a disqualification isn’t the end all be all. 

You are more than welcome to dispute a finding by DOorDash based on your current employment or from a background check that was conducted by DoorDash. 

Aside from it being very similar to regular employment, insofar as the rules and regulations that bind you as a gig worker and an independent contractor, there is a lot more freedom involved working for DoorDash.

Final Thoughts

You can always have additional passengers with you while you are working for DoorDash and delivering.

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It doesn’t matter how old, or if there’s even a human passenger to speak of. DoorDash has no policy against it, and you are free to have someone along for the ride so long as they are not a distraction from your ability to work. 

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