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Can I Bring My Kid When DoorDashing?

DoorDash provides control over one’s daily schedule, but some parents need to work while caring for their children. Parents looking to work for a delivery application might wonder “can I bring my child when DoorDashing”? Luckily, parents can bring their kids along as long as their children are kept safe and deliveries are processed in an orderly manner.

The task is not without its obstacles, but other parents are around to offer advice about how you can make the work both safe and enjoyable for parents and their kids.

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It’s Your Job

Children should never handle deliveries. They are not assistant workers. Parents should handle all aspects when delivering with DoorDash. This ensures both the child’s safety as well as the efficient and sanitary handling of all food products.

The Top Priority Is Always Safety

A child’s safety should always be the top priority. DoorDash drivers should always monitor their children, making sure that they are properly secured when in the car, not left in a hot car while picking up deliveries, and keeping the child safe from traffic when dropping off orders.

Make It Fun

Taking your child on a drive can be a delightful or terrible situation even under casual circumstances. Making deliveries with DoorDash can be boring or a great time for your child. A little forethought and planning can help to make a day great when it might otherwise turn into tantrums and boredom.

Try to remember what your child enjoys and what they can bring in the car with them. A few books or movies can make DoorDash shifts one of their favorite chances to spend time with you.

chart of what apps let you take kids on delivery with you.

People Also Ask:

Where Should My Child Stay When I’m Filling Orders?

DoorDash drivers who bring their children along will have to abide by local laws when working with the platform. While general safety is always the top priority, local laws can introduce certain specific protocols to follow when driving with your children.

Some states do not allow children under a certain age to be alone in a car regardless of whether or not the vehicle is running. Some workers worry that having a little one in tow might negatively affect their ability to efficiently carry out an order, but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many delivery drivers and customers report both experiencing and feeling extra sympathy seeing workers bring their children along. As long as an order is fulfilled with professionalism, customers who see that you are also doing so while being a great parent can make them appreciate just how hard you are working.

Can I Work for Passenger Rideshare Apps and Bring My Child Along?

While DoorDash and other courier-based apps allow people to bring passengers along, Uber and Lyft both ask that employees do not bring companions or children along will picking up passengers. Drivers working for both DoorDash and taxi-style rideshare apps are asked to disable the rideshare application if they plan on bringing a child or other passenger along for a shift.

DoorDash claims that its ban on other passengers (children and adults) is all about safety, insurance stipulations, and seating logistics. Courier companies ask for specific vehicle types for good reason. Surprise passengers can make customers nervous, but they can also pose a seating obstacle if drivers accept a ride when the number of passengers exceeds the number of seats available.

Some claim that they have picked up passengers after expressing that they are comfortable with the driver bringing another person along, but drivers are assuming all of the risk in this scenario. Some drivers report being removed from the platform after even one complaint about drivers bringing along an unexpected passenger.

While DoorDash is fine with drivers bringing along a companion, friend, or child when fulfilling an order, one must understand that driving for a passenger-based rideshare application with someone else is expressly forbidden. Some drivers may get away with this for some time, but drivers are ultimately just one bad drive away from being removed from a given rideshare application.

Is the Background Check Different When Bringing Kids Along?

Bringing a child or any other passenger when working with DoorDash requires no extra background check. Checkr, the standard third-party background investigation for most rideshare applications, will always look at a user’s driver and criminal record. It is the same across all platforms.

Individuals are not ever asked if they plan on bringing a child or companion along when making deliveries. Couriers need to just ensure the child’s safety and obey all state laws regarding child welfare laws.

Do I Need Special Insurance if There’s Kids in the Car?

DoorDash drivers are free to bring their children to fill orders as long as their insurance is legal within standard state guidelines. There are no special requirements for driving with DoorDash, even if a driver plans on bringing a child along for the ride. Couriers only need to abide by DoorDash’s basic automobile requirements in terms of vehicular specifications and insurance requirements.

DoorDash can be a great way to make money while you spend time with your child. This can even be helpful and a wonderful bonding experience if you teach your kid the rules of the road and how to be a good provider of customer service as you fulfill orders.

Working with DoorDash can be a great way for parents to save on child care costs as they make memories with their children. As long as parents are aware of the needs of their children and plan accordingly, they can share an enjoyable day of work with their kids.

How Can I Make the Most Money With DoorDash?

Beginner DoorDash workers often rush to jump on every order that shows on the platform. While this strategy reflects a good mindset and a strong work ethic, it isn’t always the best way to work with DoorDash.

Experienced drivers often say that rookie drivers need to be more selective in the orders they accept. Always consider the wear and tear your vehicle will experience and how long each order will take to fulfill. Always be willing to work, but be selective in what times you drive with DoorDash and what orders you accept.

New drivers worry about receiving negative reviews if they don’t accept enough reviews, but they shouldn’t worry. Drivers will only have their reputation on the application damaged if they cancel an order request after accepting it.

Always be professional. DoorDash drivers are in charge of themselves, determining their experiences on the application. Going the extra mile or making sure to be courteous to a customer can lead to a great review or even a great tip.

Driving for DoorDash assures flexibility, and this means that you can put your spin on each order. Even something as simple as a congratulatory note or birthday card can make a world of difference if you see that a given order contains many items.

For more tips for DoorDash beginners, see this article.

In Conclusion 

Absolutely,  you can bring your child while DoorDashing and there’s nothing to worry about as long as you plan ahead. DoorDash drivers (like Uber Eats drivers) can bring their children along when working with the application.

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All parents need to worry about is that they’re assuring the safety and happiness of their kids while handling orders. This can lead to lasting memories for years to come between you and your little one.

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