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Can I Bring My Child on Uber Eats?


UberEats allows a great deal of control over one’s daily schedule, but sometimes life gets in the way. Parents who need to earn money while they watch their kids might wonder “can I bring my child on UberEats deliveries”?

Luckily, busy parents can bring their children along as long as orders are filled and payments are correctly processed.

There are a series of challenges to overcome when bringing your little one along, but drivers have found solutions to make sure your shift goes as smoothly as possible for both you and your child.

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You Are the Worker

Parents should never let their children pick up or deliver food. Your child should strictly be a passenger. This ensures that the orders are being processed correctly and many customers might be hesitant if they find out a child has been handling their food.


As always, safety is the top concern for a child. UberEats drivers should not let the busy nature of their work distract them from taking care of their children. Even when taking deliveries, always make sure that your child is wearing a seatbelt and is not left near traffic or playing in the car.

Enjoy the Ride

Driving with your child can be a joy or a nightmare even under casual circumstances. The focused nature of driving with UberEats can leave a child bored and make work a chore.

Parents should plan ahead to make the trip fun for everyone.

Take note of your child’s hobbies. Keep their favorite books, shows, or video games in the car.

Children can go from dreading UberEats days to enjoying the extra time they get to spend with you and some of their favorite toys.

People Also Ask:

Where Should I Keep My Child While Making Deliveries?

UberEats drivers who choose to bring their children along will have to navigate the laws of their state to comply with their area’s child safety laws.

For example, the state of Washington states that no one under the age of 16 is to be left unaccompanied in a vehicle. It does not matter if the motor is running or not.

Some drivers have expressed concern about their rating suffering when bringing a child in to drop off deliveries, but experienced drivers report the opposite.

Drivers who bring their children in a responsible, caring manner often report more polite customers and better tips, as the customers realize how hard they are working to provide a pleasant experience for the customer and a good day for his or her child.

As always, drivers should research their state laws to make sure that they are in compliance with their state’s parental laws while driving with UberEats.

Can I Host Passengers for Uber With My Child?

While UberEats allows people to bring their children along when filling orders, Uber requests that drivers not bring friends or family with them when working as a taxi service.

Drivers who have both the Uber and Uber Eats applications are asked to disable their rideshare applications while driving for UberEats with their children.

Uber states that its ban on bringing other passengers (children and adults) is based on guaranteeing safety, insurance stipulations, and seating concerns. Uber asks for vehicle specifications for a reason.

Unexpected passengers can place undue stress on customers. Unexpected driver companions can be a safety concern for vulnerable populations such as the disabled and/or the elderly.

Finally, drivers may accept passengers that they cannot accommodate once they include a personal companion in a given shift.

Some drivers report picking up passengers and making sure they are comfortable bringing a friend/child/significant other along. This is generally not an issue, but Uber drivers should exercise caution.

Some drivers report being removed from the platform after even one complaint about drivers bringing along an unexpected passenger.

While UberEats does not mind one bringing along a partner, friend, or child along on a delivery order (as long as everything is done legally), one must understand that driving for Uber with a partner is not allowed.

While some get away with it, a given driver is risking his or her stance on the platform every time they accept passengers with someone else on board.

Do I Need a Special Background Check?

Driving with UberEats, even when bringing a child into the car, requires no extra screening through the background check. Checkr, the third-party investigative company used by most rideshare and delivery companies, will not ask about any children or other potential passengers. Checkr will look back into your criminal and driving record as long as allowed based on state and local laws.

Do I need a Premium Insurance Policy?

While UberEats requires that drivers keep their driving record clean and their insurance policies up to date, no clause requires any extra insurance outside of what is required for a given vehicle within a given state. UberEats drivers are free to bring their children to fill orders as long as their insurance is legal within standard state guidelines.

Considering the overall costs vs benefits, UberEats is one of the best platforms to drive with your child. This can even be helpful and a wonderful bonding experience if you teach your kid the rules of the road and how to be a good provider of customer service as you fulfill orders.

Parents who want to bring their children along can save on child care costs while sharing valuable personal time with their kids. As long as adults consider their capabilities and the needs of their children, they can bring their child with UberEats and provide a quality experience for the customer and make lasting memories with their kids.

How Can I Maximize Earnings With Uber Eats?

Beginner UberEats contractors are often very eager to fulfill every order on the application. This mode of thought is admirable, but it is not always the most lucrative way to work with UberEats.

Veteran drivers say that the best way to maximize earnings is to drive during peak hours and select what orders you accept. Learn peak business hours for the restaurants in your market, and don’t be afraid to reject orders that would require considerable driving time or take you far out of your way.

Rookie drivers are sometimes worried about receiving negative reviews by turning down orders. Still, your standing as an Uber Eats driver will only take damage if you cancel a delivery order after accepting it.

Handle yourself as a professional. Being your own boss means taking responsibility for your standard of customer service.

Going the extra mile or making sure to be courteous to a customer can lead to a great review or even a great tip.

Driving for UberEats assures flexibility, and this also means the ability to leave a special touch with each delivery.

If you notice that you’re completing a delivery that includes infant products, leaving a congratulatory card can make a world of difference in brightening someone’s day.

Likewise, the delivery of academic supplies in a college area can make a world of difference in a student’s life who might be far from home. It can never hurt to leave some encouraging words for someone’s son or daughter.

When people stop and ask, “Can I bring my child with UberEats” in its totality, they don’t need to worry. Drivers can bring passengers along when driving for UberEats, and the important thing to consider is if they’re driving safely and providing a pleasant experience for all parties involved.