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Can You Do UberEats on a Bike in 2021?

Yes, you can 100 percent do UberEats on a bike in 2021. UberEats has made bike delivery very easy and has little to no restrictions. Doing UberEats on a bike can help you earn your own income as an independent contractor while not having a car.

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The rest of the article will go into detail about the pros and cons of doing UberEats on a bike. It will also answer the most frequently asked questions about doing UberEats on your bike in 2021

Can you do UberEats on a bike?

You can certainly do UberEats on a bike in 2021. You can easily pick up orders within the range in which you’re capable of biking (keep hills in mind).

What do you need to deliver UberEats on a bike?

If you’ve chosen to bike for your UberEats deliveries, you’ll need at least three things to deliver food successfully:

  1. A bike
    (so that you can make your deliveries on time)
  2. A cell phone/ Google Maps
    (so that you know where to go)
  3. An UberEats delivery bag
    (they’re huge, insulated, and make you look professional)

How do you become a biker for UberEats?

UberEats requires you to sign up to become a delivery person for them. This can be done through their UberEats app or their site here.

What should you expect as an UberEats biker?

For larger, more populated cities, it’s easier to make on-time deliveries as an UberEats delivery person who bikes. You should expect to get fit and be more in tune with the daily forecast. 

How old do you have to be to be an UberEats biker?

Although you don’t need a license to drive a bike, UberEats does require you to be 19 in the United States or 21 in Canada to sign up for delivery. This greatly depends on the country you’ve chosen to become a delivery person in. 

Why should you deliver for UberEats on a bike?

Being a biker who delivers UberEats helps you to save on gas, insurance, mileage, and oil that you’d have to pay for when using a car. Another large expense that car drivers complain about often is parking tickets. This is avoided with biking. 

Is biking for UberEats better?

Depending on your end goals, UberEats can be better on a bike than in a car. Using a bike for deliveries also helps keep your body and mind in shape, something other jobs don’t offer. On top of this, biking is a great option for the environment.

What are the cons to biking for UberEats?

Although biking for UberEats can help you save expenses that a car can force you to spend, it also has some downfalls. One of them being speed. If you’re going a far distance you might not be delivering that food as fast. Which makes it slower to pick up and deliver the next order. On top of this, it sucks to deliver by bike when it rains…especially if there are a lot of hills.  

How much can you make as an UberEats biker?

On average you can make anything between 100 dollars a day, depending on full-time or part-time schedules and if you’re in an urban area or not. The amount of income is completely up to you and how much you work. It fluctuates per person, but your income is made based on your tips, which you get to keep 100 percent of. 

How do you do your taxes as an UberEats biker?

Biking for UberEats makes you an independent contractor, meaning you’re like a freelance delivery person. This means that you’re responsible for keeping track of your taxes at the end of each tax season. Depending on where you live, you will have to save a specific percentage of your income to pay your taxes. This also means you can claim certain things.

How do you know where to deliver?

As a biker, it’s much harder to follow the UberEats location on a map, but not impossible. Hopefully, you’re familiar with your city, which can help you be efficient. This being said, it is pretty important to have a GPS locator, even if it’s just your phone (I bet you could claim that though).

How do you become an UberEats biker in 2021?

It’s very easy to apply to start your side hustle or career as an UberEats biker in 2021.

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Click here to start delivering for Uber Eats

  • Go to
  • Set up an account if you don’t already have one.
  • From there the site will give you a vehicle form where you would choose the type of vehicle you want to use.
  • Remember, you will have to be either 19 years old or 21 years old to become a delivery person. When you sign up, you will obtain your deliveries through their site or app.

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