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Shipt Background Check Requirements Received 2021

To become a personal shopper and delivery driver for Shipt, you must pass a background check to look at your criminal and driving history, drug offences and other legal offences. 

You might be considering becoming a “Shopper” – a personal shopper and delivery driver – for Shipt, a service where you do people’s shopping and deliver it to them. But what are the Shipt background check requirements for their registration process?

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What does Shipt check into?

Shipt states that this background check is “comprehensive and includes searches of multiple federal databases.” They will check for criminal activity, legal issues, driver and motor vehicle offences, and drug offences.

How does Shipt check my record?

Shipt will use your social security number to check your background for criminal activity, legal issues, driver and motor vehicle offences, and drug offences.

They use a background check service called Checkr to do this. By applying, you permit for this check.

Can I work for Shipt if I have a felony?

Shipt is concerned primarily about checking that you are a safe driver and that you will be a reliable contractor. Safety and good customer service are its priories. In general, people with a felony, especially one within the last seven years, are unlikely to be approved. 

It is unlikely that you will be approved to be a Shipt shopper if you have a serious motor vehicle, drugs or violence offences in your record. However, minor infractions may be overlooked. 

How strict is the Checkr check performed by Shipt?

The Checkr website states: “We believe all candidates deserve a fair chance to work. Because a criminal record shouldn’t be a life sentence to unemployment, and a background check shouldn’t block the future.” This means they may take a good look at your record and history.

How long does a background check take with Shipt?

This can vary, but it often only takes a few days.

Do I need a background check for Shipt?

Shipt will order a background check for everyone who applies to shopper/delivery driver. The check looks at criminal history, drug offences, legal issues and driving and motor vehicle records.

What is a Shipt shopper?

A Shipt shopper receives orders through Shipt on their phone, goes to the required store, collects people’s items, and uses their own or someone else’s car to deliver the items to the customer. They are contractors to Shipt and must be approved by Shipt.

What are the requirements to be a Shipt shopper and driver?

To become a Shipt shopper/delivery driver, these are the requirements:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license and auto insurance
  • Have one year of experience as a licensed driver
  • Have a reliable, operable vehicle made in 1997 or later (it doesn’t have to be your vehicle, as long as you are insured to drive it)
  • Have a good knowledge of produce selection so that you can shop well for others
  • Be able to lift 45 pounds.
  • Have a smartphone – iPhone (iOS 10 or newer) or Android (5.1 or newer)
  • Have a valid mailing address
  • Have a bank account for direct deposits
  • Own an insulated cooler bag

What does Shipt expect from their shoppers/delivery drivers?

According to the Shipt website: “Our shoppers are reliable, independent, endearing, and capable of handling difficult situations. They live and breathe the Shipt Shopper mantra: Be accurate. Be awesome. Be on time.”

How long will it take me to apply to Shipt:?

Applying to be a shopper for Shipt takes about fifteen minutes on a smartphone or computer.

Can I drive someone else’s car while shopping with Shipt?

You do not have to own the car you drive as a Shipt shopper, but you do have to be listed on the insurance policy which covers that car.

Can I see if my area needs Shipt shoppers?

You can’t check directly, but it’s a smart idea to get yourself registered ahead of the need. Shipt will contact you when a position in your area opens up.

Why might there be a waiting period before I can start shopping?

Sometimes the available Shipt shopping positions in your area are full. In this case, after your register, you’ll go on a waitlist. Shipt will contact you when a position opens up.

When will I hear back about my application to be a Shipt shopper?

Your application will be confirmed as received, usually within 48 hours. Shipt may take a few days or weeks to consider your application, depending on what is available in your area.

When will I hear back once I submit my Shipt interview?

Shipt requires you to record and submit a short video interview addressing three basic questions. Generally, these are responded to within a few days.

Do I need to have a phone to work for Shipt?

You need to own a smartphone and have a data plan to work as a Shipt shopper.

What is the sign-up process to work for Shipt as a shopper?

Start your application online and fill out the required information, including your name, email, age, and area where you are available to work.

You will receive an email that will contain instructions for recording your video interview and asking for some short written interview responses. You can redo your submission as many times as you need to before you submit it. 

How do I know how my application to Shipt is progressing?

The Shipt recruiting team will send you email updates letting you know how your application is progressing.  They may also let you know what the job availability is in your area. Even if Shipt is not operating in your area yet, you can get registered and approved so that you are ready to start work when it opens. 

If I work for Shipt as a shopper, who pays for tax and gas?

If you work for Shipt as a shopper, you have to pay your self-employment tax. Make sure you note down your miles as you can claim this as a deduction, along with other reasonable expenses you incur, such as parking fees.

You will also have to pay for your gas. 

Can I use someone else’s car for Shipt work?

Yes, provided you are insured as a driver of that vehicle.

Does my car have to be new to work for Shipt?

Your (or someone else’s) vehicle does not have to be new to work for Shipt as a shopper. It only needs to be reliable and made in 1997 or later. 

What if there are already Shipt shoppers in my area?

Some areas may already have enough Shipt shoppers working. You can still register and be approved, but you may have to wait for a job to become available in your area. 

What training is there if Shipt hires me?

If you are hired by Shipt, you then complete an onboarding training session. Once you have been approved after your training, Shipt will send you their T-shirt in the mail. You are then ready to start completing orders for Shipt. 

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Don’t be put off by the Shipt background check requirements. In most cases, their check is a straightforward process and protects everyone involved.

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