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How to Change Your Uber Eats Bank Account Information

Key Points:

  • Banking information can be changed though the website or app.
  • Look for it under the Wallet (app) or Banking (website)
  • Payments are deposited on Mondays or right way using Instant Pay.

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Uber Eats pays delivery drivers through electronic transfers, requiring you to provide a bank account. Your earnings are automatically transferred to the bank account unless you choose to cash out with Instant Pay.

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Here is how to change Uber Eats bank account details to ensure that you receive your earnings.

How Do I Add My Bank Account to Uber Eats?

Uber Eats app Wallet screenTo add a bank account to your Uber Eats account, sign in to the Uber Driver app or the website. Use these steps to update a payment method on the app:

  • Click your profile photo in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Tap on “Wallet,” “Settings,” and “Add Payment Method”
  • Enter your bank account details
  • Tap “Next”
  • Enter relevant tax details
  • Tap “Submit”

If you need to update your bank account on the website, use these steps:

  • Click on the “Banking” tab on the top menu
  • Tap “Edit” under the “Bank Account Details” section
  • Enter your name and bank account details
  • Enter relevant tax details
  • Check the identity confirmation box
  • Tap “Submit”

If you add a checking account instead of a debit card, you need to provide the account number and the routing number for your bank. The routing number and account number are printed on your checks. You can also find these numbers on bank statements or by logging into your bank’s website.

How Do I Change My Bank Details on Uber Eats?

Uber allows Uber Eats drivers to easily edit their bank details through the Driver app or the website. You need to sign in using your email and password. Uber Eats can submit payments to almost any type of bank account and most debit cards.

However, not all debit cards are eligible for Instant Pay. If your payment method is not eligible for Instant Pay, Uber automatically deposits your earnings every Monday morning (though sometimes will show up in your account on Tuesday).


If you try and change your bank account you may get a text message like:  “Uber: There was a suspicious bank edit on your Uber account“. 

When this happened to me this summer, after several tries, I ended up calling the support number through the Uber app.

You have to look for it as they seem to move it sometimes, but you can usually find Call support under the Help->Help with a trip->Can’t complete delivery menu.

In the end, phone support was able to unlock my account so I could update the bank information.

Tip: What is Uber’s Greenlight Hub?
While Uber prefers you resolve issues through their app or website, in some cities, there is a physical office you can go to called a Greenlight Hub where you can speak to an actual person.
To see if there’s one nearby, google “Greenlight Hub” for your city.

If not, you can also try contacting Uber via

How Do I Remove a Bank Account from Uber Eats?

Uber Eats requires you to always have at least one payment method available. If you plan on removing a bank account, you need to add a new bank account first. Use the steps above to add your new account.

After adding a new account, click on “Wallet” and “Settings”. Click on the payment method that you want to delete. When the bank account screen opens, click on the icon with three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Click “Edit” to edit the bank account details or “Delete” to delete the payment method. After you click “Delete,” a confirmation window will open. Click “Save” to finish deleting the account.

You can also delete a bank account from the site:

  • Click on the “Banking” tab from the top menu
  • Tap “Edit” under the “Bank Account Details” section
  • Click “Delete” and “Submit”

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Changes to your bank account details may delay payouts for your earnings by up to five business days. Uber Eats recommends that you update your bank account before 4 AM Pacific Time on Monday morning to ensure that your next earnings are paid on time.

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