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The Best Pizza Delivery Bags

If you’re starting a career or a side hustle as a pizza delivery worker, one of the first investments you’ll have to make will be an insulated pizza bag. The best pizza delivery bags help you deliver all your meals safely while maintaining them at the right temperature.

Poor-quality ones can mix up different orders, let pizza get cold, or even expose it to foul weather if you are delivering by bike.

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Read on for a guide on choosing the best bags for delivering pizza.

Why You Need an Insulated Bag

An insulated pizza bag helps keep food at the right temperature for serving. No customer wants a cold pizza or lukewarm soda! Delivering food in excellent condition will also help you earn more tips.

A bag with proper insulation can also protect food from bad weather such as snow and rain. People often order delivery during storms when they don’t feel like going out themselves, so finding a way to protect the food you deliver is a must.

Finally, a pizza delivery bag makes your life easier as you transport goods from place to place. It can fit in the back seat of your car or attach to the back of a bike.

Features That Every Pizza Delivery Bag Should Have

The best pizza delivery bags are made out of nylon, vinyl, or polypropylene fabric. It should be water-resistant, if not fully waterproof, and have extra layers for insulation. Inspect the closures on the bag and make sure that it zips and velcros shut properly for the best protection against the elements.

Internally, your delivery bag should have a few different compartments to keep food separate and prevent different items from spilling on each other. You don’t want a soda bottle to fall over on the pizza!

Finally, make sure that the bag is large enough to fit pizzas and other items that you commonly deliver pizza.

And while we’re at it, what about the size of pizzas you might have to carry?

To give you an idea of what size pizza delivery bag is right for you, here are some of the common sizes for pizzas from several North American chains:

SmallMediumLarge / Extra Large
9.5” – 10″ (Domino’s)12″ – 14″14″ – 18″
10″ (Pizza Pizza)12″14″, 16″ (XL)
10″ (Papa John’s)12″14″, 16″ (XL)
9″ (Pizza Hut)12″14″, 17″x24″ (XL Panormous®)

How Do You Disinfect a Pizza Delivery Bag?

You don’t want to deliver food to your customer in a bag that’s secretly growing colonies of bacteria in its corners, which is why regular disinfection is important.

To clean the bag, use a soft cloth dipped in a mixture of water and gentle soap. You can use a brush to get to the corners. Just be careful not to scrub too hard as that could damage the decals on the front. If you really need to get the bag clean, create a diluted bleach solution that’s one part bleach and two parts water. Bleach on its own is too harsh for bags.

Finally, leave the bags open when they’re not in use to let them air out properly to prevent bacteria growth.

Can You Wash Pizza Delivery Bags?

You can hand wash all pizza delivery bags. Certain models, such as softer ones, can be machine washed at low temperatures and tumble dried on low. If your bag has a zipper, it may be best to wash it by hand to avoid damaging the zipper.

The Best Delivery Bags on the Market

Here are some of the best options for delivery bags.

Cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

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The Cherrboll insulated pizza delivery bag has been a go-to for delivery drivers and commercial kitchens for a reason.

Its dimensions are 20x20x14, which means that it is large enough to fit several pizza boxes and drinks as well as trays of other food, making this a versatile option for deliveries that aren’t pizza as well.

The Cherrboll bag also stands out with the quality of its insulation. It has a dual layer of insulation that can keep food at the right temperature for over two hours, meaning that it can survive traffic.

However, previous users have complained about the quality of the material. It often rips with a little friction and may need sewing after only a few uses.

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Brandzini Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

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Brandzini is a stalwart in the pizza delivery bag market. Their insulated pizza delivery bag is simple but gets the job done.

Its dimensions are 20in x 20in x 6 in, big enough to fit a few pizzas. The bag is made of sturdy material and is well-insulated.

However, the Brandzini bag is smaller than a few other pizza delivery bags on the market.

It can only fit two to three pizzas as opposed to the five that the Cherrboll can carry, and you may struggle balancing drinks and pizzas with this bag, even with the convenient handle.

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Winco Pizza Bag

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The Winco Pizza Bag is a classic beloved by delivery workers for a good reason. Its cheerful red color is associated with pizza deliveries in many minds.

The bag is well-insulated and retains heat while protecting crispy crusts from the worst thing that can befall a pizza—sogginess.

However, the Winco bag’s biggest flaw is similar to the Brandzini pizza delivery bag—it is just too small.

This can work well if you have another delivery bag and want a dedicated pizza bag to supplement it, but it is too small to be the only bag you use during commercial deliveries.

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New Star Foodservice Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

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This is a classic pizza delivery bag for a reason. Just the right size to fit several pizza boxes and maybe a few appetizers, it is easy to carry and collapses for perfect storage. It even has a convenient window to store receipts and IDs.

At 20 x 20 x 5 inches, this is a good choice for maybe 2-3 large pizzas.

However, this bag is much smaller than many of the other bags on the list, and you may need a separate bag to store drinks.

Its insulation and waterproof capabilities are also not as great, which means some pizzas reach their destination soggy.

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Rubbermaid Insulated Pizza & Food Delivery Bag

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Besides making products that are the backbones of kitchens everywhere, Rubbermaid also makes excellent tools for commercial food businesses, such as this pizza delivery bag.

At 21.5inx19.75inx7.75in, it is larger than many of the other bags on this list and can hold several pizzas.

The Rubbermaid bag also stands out when it comes to food protection. It insulates well and has special moisture-regulating grommets to keep food crispy.

However, the bag is a little unwieldy and may be difficult for deliveries made with bikes and mopeds.

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Hopefully, this guide can help you find the best delivery bag for your needs.

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