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Can I Bring My Child on Postmates?

Delivering food with Postmates or any of the other food delivery apps is a great, flexible job for people who want to work on their own terms. Many parents are drawn to this type of work because of the ability to make their own hours and even bring their kids with them while they make deliveries. 

In the rest of this article, we will talk about whether you can bring your child along with you while you drive for Postmates and some things to consider if you do. 

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Can I bring my child on Postmates deliveries?

Postmates is very flexible about who you have in the car while you deliver food for them because you are an independent contractor. They do not have a say in how you do your work as long as it gets done in the manner you promised to complete it. 

You can bring anyone you like with you in the car while delivering food for Postmates, including your child. Many parents do this either as a common practice or in a pinch if their babysitter falls through. 

What are the benefits of bringing your child on Postmates deliveries?

If you’ve never thought of bringing your child with you while you do your Postmates deliveries, you might wonder if there are any reasons you should do this. The answer is yes. Although there are some potential drawbacks, there are some benefits to bringing your child along with you. 

Flexible scheduling

One of the biggest things that bring people to gig work like food delivery with Postmates is that the schedule is very flexible. This is great for parents who need to work but don’t want a full-time 9-5 schedule. 

If you are planning on bringing your child with you while you deliver food, you can plan it around their nap time so that they nap in the car seat while you deliver. You can also carve out time around when they are the most awake or the most in the mood for being in the car to make it fun. 

Spending time together

Although driving for Postmates is work, it adds an element of fun to spend time with your child while you are working. Turn on some fun music that your child enjoys or play games in the car to pass the time. You’d be surprised at how fast a delivery shift can go by if you’re making it fun with your child. 

Many parents don’t get this privilege because they have to have their children with full-time babysitters or daycares due to their work restrictions, but you can enjoy this perk when you deliver food on your own time. 

No need for childcare

If you are struggling to make ends meet or cannot get childcare coverage for your child, driving for Postmates is a great option. 

All you need is a reliable car, and you can do your deliveries with your child. This is great if you need or want to make extra money without having to put your child in some other form of care while you work. 

Is it safe to bring my child while I drive for Postmates?

Every parent will need to weigh the individual risk of bringing their child along with them while they deliver with Postmates or any of the other big food delivery apps. There is always a risk, but if you are careful about the locations where you do your pickups and deliveries, you can keep yourself and your child safe. 

Here are some things to remember when doing Postmates with your child: 

  • Be aware of your surroundings – Take note of what’s around you at each restaurant and delivery location you stop at. If anything doesn’t feel right, you can always cancel or refuse the order. 
  • Consider bringing help – If your child is young, you may want to bring someone else along to watch them in the car or run food up to the customers. This can be a significant other, friend, or family member you trust to stay with your child or help you complete your deliveries. 
  • Refuse orders that make you uncomfortable – If there is anything about an order that makes you feel uncomfortable, listen to your intuition. You can refuse or cancel if you feel like any location feels unsafe or that the customer isn’t who they say they are. 

Can I bring my child if I drive for UberEats, DoorDash, or GrubHub?

All of the major food delivery apps (Postmates, UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub) are fine with you bringing along passengers of any age in the car while you deliver. There are no restrictions preventing you from bringing your child with you while you deliver. 

As long as you keep up your end of the agreement, deliver the food quickly and efficiently, and have good customer service, they are happy. 

Final Thoughts

As an independent contractor with Postmates, you are free to bring anyone you want with you while you deliver food. This means that you can bring your child with you while you deliver if you want to. 

Many parents do this either out of necessity because they do not have childcare or choose to spend time with their kids and make money simultaneously. It might take a bit of extra coordination to plan ahead for a Postmates delivery shift in the car with your child, but it’s certainly doable. 

If you are bringing your child with you, just make sure that they won’t be a distraction from getting your deliveries done quickly and efficiently. 

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It’s also important to consider safety when planning on having a young child with you. Being aware of your surroundings and even bringing someone along to help you are great ways to keep both you and your child safe and happy while you do your Postmates deliveries. 

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