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Is DoorDash Busy in the Morning?


DoorDash is not as busy in the mornings as in the evenings, as more people use DoorDash to order dinner or lunch than to order breakfast. DoorDash still sees some customers across the morning, though, especially from 11 am, when the lunch rush begins. 

If you’re looking to take on DoorDash deliveries, you’ll have a lot more chance of keeping your schedule full if you decide to deliver in the evenings. However, there are busy periods in the morning, and you may be able to keep your schedule full with morning deliveries for DoorDash. This article will break down the best approach to incorporating morning deliveries into your DoorDash schedule. 

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What time does DoorDash get busy in the morning?

DoorDash is moderately busy from midnight until about 9 am. However, the busiest time in the morning is from 11 am, as it heads into the lunchtime rush.

Also, in the early morning hours, just after midnight, Dashers report that you still have a lot of people ordering dinner and late-night snacks. 

What time is DoorDash quietest in the morning?

Between the hours of 9 am and 11 am, things seem to quieten down on DoorDash. 

According to the reports of many before 9 am, more breakfast orders are coming in. After 11 am, the lunch trade starts to pick up.  But between 9 and 11, you may find there are not enough orders coming in to make your time worthwhile.

Do morning orders on DoorDash ever incur peak pay?

Before 11 am, most DoorDash orders are unlikely to incur peak pay, as peak times tend to fall around dinner and lunchtime.

However, from 11 am-12 midday, you can often earn peak pay benefits and then keep it going throughout the lunch rush if you want to keep delivering into the early afternoon. 

How do I find out if DoorDash in my area gets busy in the morning?

Depending on where you live, you might still be asking: but where I am, is DoorDash busy in the morning? The best way to figure out if your area gets busy with DoorDash deliveries in the morning is to monitor the deliveries on the app over a period of time. 

Every area will vary, some being busier at different times of day from others, so keep an eye on the app to help you plan the best time to Dash and see where any morning hotspots may be near your area. 

You can also check ‘historical hotspots’ on the app – these show you areas where it’s not currently busy, but it has been in the past and might give you an idea of areas that get busy at certain times of the day. 

What is the best time to DoorDash?

DoorDash sources tell us the best times to Dash are the lunch rush from 11 am-2 pm and the dinner slot from 4:30 pm-8 pm. However, it’s great to get in ahead of these times – say starting a bit earlier in the morning. 

The way the app works, the rider who’s been waiting for the longest gets the next order. So, if you start early, you can get in ahead of the rush and make sure you have plenty of orders to deliver when the demand hits its peak. 

What times of year is DoorDash busiest?

DoorDash also reports that the service sees an increase in custom around many major holidays – such as Halloween, Black Friday, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, so these are great times to ride if you don’t have plans of your own. 

Though you might find things slow down near the end of summer and into September.

Is it worth Dashing in the morning?

As far as possible, we’ve answered the question: is DoorDash busy in the morning? But you might still be wondering, right, but is it worth Dashing in the morning anyway? 

To answer that question for your specific area, schedule, and goals, you should monitor the app in your area for a while to figure out the following things: 

  • What volume of orders is coming in across the morning? 
  • Will there be a lot of opportunities to deliver multiple orders on the same Dash?
  • When are peak pay incentives kicking in in my area?
  • Monitor ‘dynamic hotspots’ to see if there are areas that get really busy where you could deliver – maybe there’s a donut place that sees a ton of orders come in for morning meetings? Maybe there’s a pastry spot where you can pick up multiple orders in one delivery?
  • Do a lot of riders/drivers log on around 11 am? And if so, is it worth starting a bit early to get ahead of the game on the lunch rush and secure some better orders?

If you monitor all these things for your area, you may find that, even though the morning is not DoorDash’s busiest time, it might still be an excellent time for you to Dash.