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Can I Do Uber Eats While on Vacation?

You should not have a problem doing Uber Eats while on vacation, depending on which state or city you visit. Uber does not allow drivers to work in multiple cities when using the ride-sharing app. However, the company has different rules for Uber Eats drivers.

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So, can you do Uber Eats anywhere? You can drive anywhere if you meet the requirements for the city that you are visiting. However, delivering in some cities may involve a few extra steps. Here is what you should know before attempting to deliver in another city.

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Can I Do Uber Eats in a Different City?

You can typically do Uber Eats in a different city. If you drive outside your home city, you need to turn on the Uber Eats app and start accepting deliveries. Uber Eats will send you requests based on your geographic location.

Yet, Uber Eats is not available everywhere. The company is currently available in over 6,000 cities in 45 countries. The requirements also vary from city to city. Depending on the city’s requirements, Uber Eats may block you from accepting deliveries in a different city until it has approved the change.

Of course, you can try turning the app on and see what happens. When I was on vacation a few weeks ago in northern England, I decided to see what would happen. 

Uber Eats app message

Unfortunately, I couldn’t sign on as a walker or cyclist. I didn’t see any Uber Eats delivery people – but lots of Deliveroo bags, so maybe this wasn’t the best place to try.

Uber recommends that you visit and sign in to your account. You should see your current city listed at the bottom of the page. Click on the city and enter the new city you want to deliver in.

After entering the city’s name, you should see the delivery requirements. If you meet the delivery requirements, you may be able to deliver food without any more steps. However, delivering food in certain cities may require you to notify Uber Eats of the change.

Uber needs to ensure that they are protected no matter where you deliver food. On the company’s website, Uber states that it does not support temporary city changes. Changes may take up to 14 days to process, as Uber needs to verify that you meet the requirements for the new city. Unfortunately, you cannot accept deliveries during the approval process.

Can I Drive Uber Eats in Multiple Cities?

Uber Eats drivers can drive in multiple cities in most cases. Some delivery trips may even take you to a neighboring city. Yet, some cities have stricter requirements for delivery drivers.

Uber may need to perform another background check before allowing you to drive in certain cities. The background check and approval process take time, which is why Uber Eats does not allow temporary city changes.

You can attempt to drive in multiple cities without changing your account details. After you drive to a different city, turn on the Uber app and start accepting deliveries. If you receive an error, you likely need to submit a request to change cities.

Can I Drive for Uber Eats While on Vacation?

You can drive for Uber Eats while on vacation if you meet the requirements for the city that you visit. As mentioned, different cities have different requirements for drivers. In some cases, you may need to submit a request to change cities.

Uber Eats originally restricted drivers from delivering food in other cities. You had to deliver in the city that you selected when you signed up. If you moved, you needed to change your city and go through the approval process again.

According to several Uber Eats drivers, the company allowed drivers to deliver in other cities and states toward the end of 2019. You can also drive for Lyft in other states but cannot drive for Uber in other states.

Regulatory constraints kept Uber Eats from allowing drivers to work in every state. If you signed up in California, Mississippi, or Pennsylvania, you could not drive in other states.

Uber eventually updated its help page to discuss the process for changing cities. According to the website, it appears that you can only drive in one city at a time. However, many drivers still report being able to deliver food in multiple cities and states.


You can do Uber Eats in close to 6,000 cities, but delivering in some cities may require you to submit a request to Uber. Your ability to drive in multiple cities or states depends on the laws and regulations in the area you visit.

In the end, you can typically drive in multiple cities within your home state but are more likely to receive an error when traveling out of state. Before assuming that you can drive for Uber Eats while on vacation to earn some spending money, you should check the city’s requirements.

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If you meet the requirements, you can try turning on the app. If you start receiving delivery requests, you can deliver without restrictions. If you receive an error on the screen, you may need to contact Uber Eats support to update your city, which can take up to two weeks.

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